Service: Omega Seamaster calibre 267


This beautiful Seamaster was sent in from Norway, and it’s in need of a service.

I like the hour hand on this one – reminds you of the modern Railmasters.

Let’s open it up and see …IMG_6759

No lack of dirt here, and the set lever screw is rusty. My client wants that replaced.


The set lever spring is broken, so we’ll need that as well. Also, the dial washer is missing, and one of the dial screws. I wonder where they ended up, as there is nothing in the case.IMG_6763

I start by taking the balance jewels out.IMG_6764

You can also see quite a bit of dirt in the jewel holes of the wheel bridge.IMG_6768

The broken off bit from the set lever spring.IMG_6769

Ready for the cleaning machine.IMG_6859

As usual, I start off with a new mainspring.IMG_6860

That looks a lot cleaner.IMG_6861

And we’re back ticking!IMG_6862

First, I get a beat error of 7.5ms.IMG_6863

After a couple of adjustments, I’m down to 1.5ms, and that’s where I will leave it. This watch has the beat error adjusted on the hairspring collet, and it won’t get much better if I try.IMG_6865

The new set lever screw doesn’t want to go into the set lever, and I notice that the first thread isn’t quite right, so I re-cut it in a die. Good thing I recently forked out for a tap and die set – which cost a small fortune.IMG_6870

The bottom plate with the new set lever spring.IMG_6871

The movement is cased.IMG_6876And we’re back in business. I very lightly cleaned the hands, but I don’t want to risk dislodging the luminous compound.


6 thoughts on “Service: Omega Seamaster calibre 267

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  3. Excellent work as always Christian.
    I agree with you that the original hands on this one make it special. Just to add that this one appeared along side the original Railamaster and Ranchero models. It used the same case as the Ranchero and this one even has the broad arrow hands which I have not come across in other Seamasters. Dare I say that this might be one of a handful out there. I at least I think so. I have posted about this model over at the watchuseek forums as well.
    Thanks again for keeping this one ticking for many years to come.

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