Service: Omega calibre 269

Carlos sent in this Omega 269, and the dial isn’t in great shape and needs a restoration.

The movement also needs a service, and I get stuck in right away.

The calibre 269 is a simple, but very nice movement. No date, no automatic winding, just a plain old solid movement.

The case has taken a bit of a battering over time, but that is to be expected considering the age of the watch.

I take apart the movement.

Everything ready for the cleaning machine.

The new mainspring is here, and I put together the movement awaiting the return of the dial and hands from David Bill and Sons.

The movement is back together.

First image on the timegrapher – and it’s very good. I will do a final adjustment before closing the case back.

As usual, David Bill & Sons have done a great job.

7 thoughts on “Service: Omega calibre 269

  1. There is a lot to be said for these vintage Omega watches & movements; something has been lost with the modern ‘Swatch-O-mega’ outfitted with a relabelled ETA stock movement.

    • Have you seen Meridian Watches? They seem to have the right idea – hand made cases, dials, hands and the like with an in-house modified / decorated Valjoux movement… but they seem to think £5,000 is a reasonable price for this, and given you cant even see the lovely movement because they have placed it behind about a foot of solid steel this seems somewhat optimistic to me!

      I honestly cant think of a modern manufacturer that does anything near as nice what was common in the 50s – 70s for a sensible amount of money; Christopher Ward comes the closest I think and there are a few Tissots that they have kept fairly subdued, but failing that your only choice for an simple, well designed watch seem to be at the budget end of the market like Seiko (of which I have several) or the astronomical end like PP (of which I would like several).

      • Thanks for the heads up on Meridian Watches; one I haven’t come across. If I had that sort of money I would go for a Rolex….appears rather expensive for a decorated ETA 6947, although a lot of attention is lavished on both movement & case. I see that Meridian’s plan is to eventually manufacture their own movement however.

        I have several Seiko’s also, although I have been drawn to the Chinese manufacture watches thanks to Christain’s brilliant Watch Repair Blog.

  2. Yup… simple, elegant – if the dial were black it would be my perfect watch!

    I was bidding a similar one on eBay the other night – am kicking myself that I didn’t add another £20 ;(

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