Service: Omega Constellation 168.047 calibre 1001

IMG_0539Our own CIrrus sent this one in – a Constellation with the early 1001 movement.

It’s got a nice rectangular case, but it will need some attention as we’ll soon see…IMG_0544

The dial has lots of cracks (not very well visible in this photo, but it looks pretty bad), so it goes off to David Bill & Sons for restoration.IMG_0545

The 1001 looks a bit dirty, but complete.IMG_0551

Way too fast, and a poor amplitude. All signs of dirt and no oil.IMG_0556

The mainspring doesn’t look too bad, but I will put in a new one.IMG_0558

The winding gears.IMG_0561

The date mechanism on the bottom plate.IMG_0562

A bit of corrosion, but not too bad.IMG_0565

I will give the keyless works a good clean by hand before they go into the cleaning machine.IMG_0566

Off into the cleaning machine.IMG_1199

The new mainspring for the barrel.IMG_1200

The rotor post is worn, and I will put in a new one.IMG_1304

Everything nice and clean!IMG_1306

And it pays off – with new lubrication and without dirt, the movement performs much better.IMG_1308

The auto winder gears put together.IMG_1309

The bottom plate almost complete.IMG_1312

David Bill & Sons did a great job on the dial.IMG_1508


And back together.

18 thoughts on “Service: Omega Constellation 168.047 calibre 1001

  1. I ccan not ecrire englai besoin cadran et disque date et 1 tige mal pour omega calibre 1001
    donne moi le prix + mode paye


  2. Hello I’m restoring the very same watch, can’t find the 1001 1108 winding pinion. Omega representation doesn’t sell parts anymore.

  3. I know this service took time pretty long ago, but I’m wondering if you kept the sliding spring inside the barrel, or if you just went with a new mainspring and breaking grease on the barrel walls?

    Nice work btw! 🙂

      • Thank you for your answer Christian! Yes i saw the new mainspring, just curious if you cleaned and oiled the slip spring and put it back in togheter wirh the new spring, or if it was enough with just the new spring. Did the original springs have a different construction then the new replacement springs?

      • Indeed – you accept it isn’t going to be an exact reproduction of the factory product.

        I could of have bought a NOS plain silver dial, but the painted ones from this period all seem to suffer from the cracking and crazing issue and to me a restored black dial was preferable to an original silver one.

          • You can hope all you like, but in the real world with dial restoration, you work to the best possible approximation given the templates that are available. There are other dial restorers out there but certainly from our own experience David R Bill are fast, efficient and do a great job on the majority of dials. Good work Christian!.

  4. I do like a nice shiny movement – and now it also has a new crystal to show off the restored dial.

    I have been wearing this pretty much ever since it came back and it is a performing perfectly – am greatly pleased at the results of the service!

    Many thanks for the sterling service 😉

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