Service: Omega Constellation 168.004 calibre 564

IMG_5442This great gold Omega Constellation was sent in by Jason for a service. The dial has been restored, but it’s been a professional job, and looks good!IMG_5443

The case back is in good condition, and nobody has polished the living daylight out of the Geneva Observatory, which is a good thing!IMG_5450

The date changer doesn’t work, and here is the reason why. The little spring that engages with the date wheel has come loose, and I order a new date change wheel.IMG_5455

The gear train.IMG_5538

All clean and ready for reassembly.IMG_5539

The new mainspring goes into the barrel after I have applied braking grease to the barrel wall.IMG_5540

The base movement is back together.IMG_5542

Now I turn my attention to the bottom plate.IMG_5543

The new date change wheel has arrived.IMG_5544

And all is working again. The calibre 564 also has a quick set date.IMG_5547

Dial and hands back on.IMG_5548

The case needs some cleaning as well, and I will give the crystal a polish.IMG_5551

The movement back together and cased.IMG_5552

Not too shabby.IMG_5553And we’re back in business. A rare gold Constellation that hasn’t been mucked with.


10 thoughts on “Service: Omega Constellation 168.004 calibre 564

  1. All Omega dials with applied markers have these grinding marks, at least the older ones. The markes are part of the production steps. If there’s glue in the grinding marks, it’s a tell sign that it’s refinished. This one looks original and in pretty good shape.

  2. Beautiful. Very pretty movement that often seems to give good performance even in a 40+ year old watch.

    are they easy to work on Christian?

      • It could be that the dial has been swapped from a service or replacement dial with silver markers?
        I guess finding a good one is hard, finding one with correct markers are down to luck!

        Then the original gold ones would need to moved over to the “new” dial. Hence it has been worked on, but is still original.
        I have tried to spot any errors on this, but can no manage to see anything wrong!

  3. Thanks Christian
    Good to know she will be running sweet for a few more years… just need to find a steel version of this watch, they seem rarer than the solid gold ones !

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