Service: Omega Constellation calibre 564

IMG_7348Mike from France sent me two Constellations for a service, and today, I’m doing his calibre 564. It’s got a gold plated case, and works, but you can’t hand-wind it.

IMG_7350A first look at the lovely calibre 564.


The auto-winder assembly. The culprit is the solid big wheel in the middle, the reverse wheel. At £80.08, not cheap, but it’s a complex wheel, as it consists of 7 individual components.IMG_7358

Tidy bottom plate.IMG_7362

As usual, I start by removing the balance jewels for cleaning.IMG_7365

Everything taken apart.IMG_7383

The parts are cleaned and dried, and are ready for reassembly.IMG_7384

The new mainspring.IMG_7387

The balance jewels are put back in and the caps oiled.IMG_7389

The basic movement is back together, and ticking.IMG_7391

Not bad for not even half wound!IMG_7392

The new reverse wheel goes into the auto winder assembly.IMG_7394

The date ring back in place.IMG_7396

Dial and hands go on.IMG_7453And we’re back in business. I love Constellations, and my stainless steel 564 is my favourite watch…



14 thoughts on “Service: Omega Constellation calibre 564

  1. I picked up a 1966 stainless steel Cal 564 Constellation a couple days ago in beautiful unpolished original condition. I have been wearing it for the last 24 hours, however the recessed crown was singularly tricky to wind and it’s losing around a minute a day but it does run and the date changed correctly.

    One very strange point I noted is that the sweep of the second hand is not 100% smooth at certain points and seems to hesitate in one or two places, which I have never seen on any of my other vintage watches. When held to the ear there is no audible difference though.

    Chances are this watch has not been worn or serviced in many years but I had always wanted a Constellation and this is a real 60s classic. I hope to keep it for many years but I wonder if it is reasonable to keep for daily use.

      • There is little doubt the watch needs a service but I think it will be beautiful afterwards. Is there a problem for parts on the Cal 564 and is it difficult to fix that second hand pinion spring?

          • You were fully booked so I ended up sending the watch to another repairer but it’s been a terrible experience…

            The first time they sent back the watch without fixing the winder and I don’t think they even touched it. The time keeping was also very poor for a chronometer at +15 seconds per day.

            I sent it back to be done properly and it returned about 3 weeks later packaged in a thin amount of bubble wrap but with no box. When I opened it the second hand had come loose and was being pushed around the dial by the minute hand.

            I called them immediately but the receptionist wouldn’t even let me speak to the watchmaker. She was just talking about refurbishing the dial to cover up the damage and I hate refurbished dials.

            There was no way I was going to send them the watch for a third time and it has been really disappointing. They claim to be members of the BHI but their company is not listed in the database.

            It all just seems terribly unfair that they treat a classic watch so badly and do not even have the decency to let me speak with the watchmaker or call me back. I mentioned in advance that I am a collector with 35 vintage watches so I am amazed at how sloppy their work is.

            It looks like you do far better work judging by the feedback from customers.

          • Sorry to hear about your experience. We are BHI members, but not on their database, as we don’t want to get business through there. You can complain to the BHI – they have an arbitration process.

  2. Hi
    Liked your services so much on the 564 I have now bought one. This case is the one I like also with the semi hidden winder. Mine has a spring malfunction at present. It’s a lovely watch indeed.

    All the best to you and your family Christian

  3. Another excellent review.

    What strap has this watch got? It looks weaved. I am trying to decide on a strap to complement the gold “Trésor” Calibre 265 currently sitting in your workshop. The original spec of the watch calls for black calf-skin.
    I am open to suggestions. 🙂

    • Oh, it’s not weaved. I had my screen on the dimmest setting. Either way, I still like it. But I’m not sure it would work with my watch.

      This constellation is gorgeous, makes me want to get my own (it would be nice to own an automatic, rather than having to go through the drawer, winding the 2 hand-wound watches up every day).

      • Hi Benjamin,

        It looks like a very cheap dark brown strap, with a pattern that is just pressed on. Also, it’s the wrong width – the strap is 18mm, but the Constellation takes a 19mm strap.

        I do like brown straps with gold watches, but it’s very much a matter of personal taste.

        • Hi Christian,

          Going for brown calf leather had crossed my mind. The other option being black crocodile/alligator. But actually finding a rose gold buckle that matches the watch has proved difficult. Yellow gold clashes and I am rather pedantic about details such as these.


  4. Another great review 🙂

    Was there a problem with the date wheel in the first photgraph, or does the 564 start changing before midnight?

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