Service: Omega Constellation calibre 712

This 18k gold Constellation was sent in by Nick for a service. A very elegant men’s watch, and quite thin considering that this is an automatic movement.

The case back.

The Omega 712 only measures 25mm across and it’s 3mm thick – not bad for an automatic movement!

The gear train. Note that the centre wheel isn’t in the centre, but set off towards the winding stem.

Here, you can see the “centre” wheel with it’s friction clutch – the one on the right just on the side of the set lever spring.

All ready for cleaning. The shock spring of the balance bottom jewel comes out when I take the jewels out. This often happens to me when doing Omegas – now is it me or is it Omega? No problem, just have to fiddle the shock spring back in.

As usual, I start off with a new mainspring.

The balance bottom jewels with shock spring back in.

Lovely movement. Apparently the thinnest automatic movement Omega ever made.

Bottom plate ready for the dial.

The black hands (black painted gold) are pressed back on.

Cased and looking great!

6 thoughts on “Service: Omega Constellation calibre 712

  1. Thanks Christian, another very quick turn around. Glad there were not any serious problems with this one.

  2. Very nice watch, though I am not sure about having gold hands and then panting them black though! Maybe it is something to do with claiming “OM”?

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