Service: Omega DeVille 111.071 calibre 620

IMG_9948This very smart DeVille is 26mm across without the crown, so from the days when people didn’t wear bricks strapped to their wrists 😉

Bert sent this one in, and it needs a service.IMG_9952

Yes, it does. The amplitude is pretty low, and the watch is fast.

IMG_9953The lovely calibre 620 movement.

IMG_0010The gear train visible.


The old mainspring will be replaced.IMG_0016

The movement is fairly simple with not too many parts.IMG_0072

The new mainspring is in the barrel.IMG_0073

The movement comes back together.IMG_0128Ticking again.


And that looks a lot better, too. Considering the size of the movement, this is a good amplitude.IMG_0078

Beautiful movement!IMG_0079

The dial has quite a bit of damage – it looks like somebody tried to scrape off dirt.IMG_0080

The hands are back on.IMG_0082And the movement is cased.





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