Service: Omega Dynamic Ladie’s / calibre 681

IMG_4056This great looking Omega Dynamic belongs to Mandy, Stephen’s wife. He is a regular, and you’ve seen quite a few of his watches on this blog.

I get quite a few Dynamics for repair, and not all end up on this blog. A lot of them are slightly “Frankenwatch”, as they are desirable, so it’s not always a pleasure working on them. Also, removing the crystal was always a huge problem (there is no case back you can unscrew, as the cases are monocoque), until my friend and colleague Al from pointed me in the right direction……which is a blow of compressed air through the pendant tube! It works a charm, and lifts the crystal up without any damage. You just remove the crown, and hold the nozzle of your air blower onto the pendant tube, and pop goes the weasel.IMG_4058

The movement inside is an automatic day calibre 681, a little masterpiece, as it’s quite tiny and has a lot of functionality.IMG_4065

With the balance, auto winder, and pallet fork removed, you get a view of the winding gear. The crown wheel drives an intermediate wheel, which drives the so-called “wig-wag” pinion. It’s the smallest of the pinions, driving the click wheel, and it has a little spring pressing it onto the wheel. When the auto winder works, the wig-wag pinion is pushed away from the click wheel, disengaging the manual winding mechanism from the automatic one.IMG_4067

The gear train is now visible.

My only gripe with these Omega movements is that you have to put the dial and hands on before you can put the auto winder in place, as the second hand pinion has to be supported from the back to press the second hand on. I curse the engineer every time I have to do that 😉IMG_4071

Now for the bottom plate. I really like the way the date wheel mechanism is put together. The whole thing lifts off the bottom plate, and you can then easily take it apart. IMG_4077

All parts are cleaned, and the cap jewels, escape wheel and pallet fork are epilame treated, and I can start reassembly.IMG_4167

For the Omega 6nn calibres, I can only get original mainsprings, which are pretty pricey.IMG_4170

The base movement is back together and on the timegrapher.IMG_4177

There we go – I’ll have to correct the beat error a bit, but apart from that, this is looking very good!IMG_4176

The dial and hands are in super condition, and so is the case. A pretty rare example of an Omega Dynamic in top condition. Lucky Mandy! With a new crystal, it’s looking great, and if I can ever get hold of a Dynamic in that condition for my wife, I will definitely do so.

16 thoughts on “Service: Omega Dynamic Ladie’s / calibre 681

  1. Hi,

    I bought a Geneve with this movement in it for my Girlfriend. But can’t seem to figure out how to remove the crown so that I can get it out of the case.

    Is the a special trick to this?


  2. Hello! I have exactly the same watch in pretty good conditions… but I can’t understand how it works the winding thing… I can wind it and it will work for a few moments but then it stops. The watch hasn’t been used for a long long time, like many years!
    Do you reckon this is a problem with the mechanism?
    I live in Brazil and I’m not sure if anyone around here can help me fixing this watch if you have any suggestions or could provide me with some instructions about how does it work that would be wonderful! thank you very very much! my best, Luísa

  3. Hello, My wife inherited an Omega Ladymatic Seamaster (perhaps late 1960’s early 1970’s) which does not have the original crown and crystal. Both of which I would like to replace. Can you guide me with the proper specifications so that I can look for them? I found the stem for the crown………. Any help would be appreciated…….Thanks in advance.

  4. Parkers jewellers, Sheffield has an almost identical one from 1971at £395,I have purchased two watches from them previously and can recommend them.They will always negotiate on price.

  5. That is such beautiful watch both inside and out, I am biased though because I own it! However I have to say the workings do fascinate me, if I had more patience I would love to have a go a taking one apart and rebuilding it (not one of these for a first timer of course, I think I would be in trouble if I wrecked it!!)
    I love being able to see the progress of all the watches you service and repair, the best bit obviously being able to enjoy and wear the watch once it’s returned
    Fantastic job again Christian thank you so much.

  6. Not being the type to open watches up as it mostly ends in disaster for me, it’s great to see the watches bones. Thank you for the super service and quick turnaround. Mandy is chuffed with the watch and it is now a regular worn thing of purpose.

    The tip on the compressed air is quite intuitive, but it’s one I will leave alone. Cirrus I can assure you the least of my worries would be a missing crystal.

    Many thanks.

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