Service: Omega Ladies watch calibre R13.5

IMG_9554Wendy sent this lovely Omega over for a service. The dial only has 6 dots, and is chrome plated. No Omega symbol, nothing. Looks very classy!IMG_9555

This, on the other hand, doesn’t look classy. The movement is barely ticking and has a tiny amplitude.


This movement is pretty small – 13.5 x 17.5 mm, and 3.25mm thick. The serial number dates the watch to 1944-1947.IMG_9560

The movement has a bi-metallic screw balance, and the jewels are of course not shock protected.IMG_9565

Time for some cleaning.IMG_9566

The nicely decorated bottom plate.IMG_9567

The main spring is still of the old type, so the watch probably hasn’t been serviced for some time.IMG_9571

All goes into the cleaning machine.IMG_9572

The escape wheel top pivot is broken, but I’m very lucky, and there is a complete movement on eBay, which I order from the US.IMG_9784

And here is the replacement movement. I could have bought a new escape wheel for the same price as the used movement, but with the performance I’ve seen, it won’t hurt to have a complete movement on stand-by…IMG_9785

The new mainspring.IMG_9786

Putting the cap jewel and regulator on the balance cock.IMG_9787

Barrel, centre and third wheel are in.IMG_9788

And the barrel bridge is complete.IMG_9789

Then, the wheel bridge, pallet fork and balance go in, and the movement is ticking, albeit not very well. I change the balance over from the donor movement, and things look a lot better! Good thing I went for a complete donor movement.IMG_9793

The bottom plate back together.IMG_9794

And the dial back on. Some of the chrome plating is worn off, but considering the age of the watch, that’s no surprise, and doesn’t really hurt.IMG_9795

The hands are back on, and I can put the movement in the gold case back.IMG_9796

Very nice indeed!IMG_9797 IMG_9834For a small movement that’s over 60 years old, this is very good.


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