Service: Omega RCAF Chronograph 34-62 Lemania 2221

IMG_9469Michael from Canada sent me this quite rare single-pusher Omega RCAF chronograph. It has the Lemania 2221 movement.

This is a great watch, and I especially like the white dial.

As you can already see on the photo, the central second hand doesn’t reset properly – and it doesn’t even always reset to the same position.IMG_9470

The pusher is crooked, and needs replacing.IMG_9471

The case back with the Royal Canadian Air Force markings.IMG_9472

The case back – it’s a 34/62.IMG_9473

A first glance at the Lemania 2221, which is marked as an Omega movement.IMG_9477

This is a single pusher movement, e.g. the same pusher is used to start, stop, and reset the chronograph.IMG_9492

The problem with the second hand not resetting properly is due to the tube being loose on the hand, so I carefully solder the tube onto the hand.IMG_9494

The movement also has a hacking second – important for military use, so that you can synchronize your watch properly.IMG_9495

The bottom plate is quite simple, as this movement doesn’t have an hour recorder.IMG_9540

Reassembly starts with the mainspring – as the old one is in very good shape, I clean, grease and re-use it.IMG_9541

Now comes the fun part.IMG_9542

I put the balance jewels in and test them – the balance swings freely, and takes a long time to come to a halt.IMG_9544

Then I put the gear train in, and oil it.IMG_9546

The bottom plate is back together.IMG_9548

And we have a result. The beat error is collet adjusted, so 1.0 is great, and I will leave it at that.IMG_9549

Once the base movement is back together and tested, I can put the chronograph layer on.IMG_9551

The chronograph is back on, and I adjust the depthing, and test everything.IMG_9553

Now the hands go back on.IMG_9554

The new pusher is too long, and I shorten it.IMG_9556

I also put on a new crown that is a bit chunkier. Unfortunately, as the winding stem is tap 11, there is very little choice of crowns.


The crystal that was fitted was just a simple tension ring crystal, which is wrong. The crystal is stepped, and pushed in from the inside, where the step rests against a step in the case. There is no original Omega crystal available, so I modify a standard crystal by turning a step into it.IMG_9558Back together, and looking great!


17 thoughts on “Service: Omega RCAF Chronograph 34-62 Lemania 2221

  1. I have just been made aware that these watches hold value over time. I dug mine out of a box that hasn’t seen the light of day for easily 30 years. My friend, who knows a lot about watches, looked at it and stated that mine is in outstanding shape. He tested the movement and so far it is holding time to the second. Pretty good for not being wound for 30 years.

  2. Hi Christian!
    I never thought I see a second 2221 in your workshop! Sweet!:-)
    The internal caseback ref 34/62 tells that the case is of reference 34 and that it was made in 1962. It also matches well with the military engravings on the outside.

  3. Yet again another delight to see a vintage watch lovingly restored. I look forward every day to the next restoration and service performed by these two highly skilled gentlemen.

    I’ve never seen a watch like this before with all functions performed by the same button. The owner quite rightfully should be really happy 🙂

    Best regards


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