Service: Omega Seamaster 135.011 calibre 601

This lovely Seamaster was sent in by Andrew from Ireland. It doesn’t work any more, but maybe just a service will sort this out ….

There is quite a bit of dirt and corrosion, so, with luck, a good clean-up will do the trick. One of the case clamps is missing, and there is no gasket.

Dial in good state – could possibly have been restored at one point…

A tiny bit of rust on the set lever spring, and some on the crown wheel, but all within what’s normal.

The barrel and transmission wheel could do with a bit of a polish.

Oddly enough, one of the pallet bridge screws is missing. So we have three parts missing, and they are nowhere to be seen. Somebody must have removed them from the case at one point …

And a new mainspring won’t go amiss, either.

With the watch dismantled, I can order the spare parts.

After cleaning, rinsing and drying all the parts, I can start reassembly. As usual, I start off with the new mainspring.

The balance jewels go back in, after I have put a drop of oil on the inside of the cap jewel.

Top plate almost back together. I have polished the barrel and transmission wheel.

The bottom plate. I have polished the set lever spring (there is still a bit of oxidization left, but I can’t take off too much material). A new dial washer goes in.

Dial and hands are back on.

The movement back in its case. I still don’t have the new case clamp, so I have to wait for that before I can ship the watch back.

Lovely watch – I especially like the black dial.


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