Service: Omega Seamaster calibre 1020

An unusual dial colour for a Seamaster – salmon pink!

Paul sent this one in – it’s his wife’s watch. Not only is it losing quite a lot of time, the crown comes out when you pull it…

The calibre 1020 movement.

I start off by removing the day wheel, and work my way through the bottom plate.

The crown slipping out is due to a worn pin on the set lever – I have a used one in stock that is still good.

Whilst I’m at it, I put a new mainspring into the barrel.

Now I put the movement back together – the balance is swinging already. The auto-winder assembly goes on last, as you can’t put the second hand on with it in place. You have to support the second hand arbor from the back when pressing it on.

I adjust the beat rate and beat error – all is looking good!

A great looking Seamaster!

Now it’s time to clean the bracelet and put it back on.

The bracelet pins get a bit of a tightening, and we’re back in business.

10 thoughts on “Service: Omega Seamaster calibre 1020

  1. I love these blogs. Please keep them coming. One question. You usually replace the mainspring but in many of the photos you also have what appears to be the old mainspring in the cleaning basket. Do you have to sometimes reuse the old one or is it just for good measure? (literally)

  2. Thanks Again.
    My wife’s watch is looking great and what a quick turnaround. She doesn’t even know it has been sent away. It is an unusual colour set up but i think it works well and I hope to sort out the chrome issues soon myself.

  3. I guess that the case could be rechromed to bring it up to pristine condition. It is quite common for automotive parts, in classic car restorations. Christian, is that something you could include in a watch repair/restoration?

    • Gold indices, chrome case, pink dial… an unusual combo, and I can’t find a similar one on the internet – maybe it is a custom piece? It’s very nice whatever its origins 🙂

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