Service: Omega Seamaster calibre 562

Andrew sent me this Omega Seamaster, and he says that it is about 15 minutes per day fast. That’s quite a lot!

Lovely classic Seamaster with a nice dial – I’m sure a plain old clean and service will do the trick.

The timegrapher image looks like somebody is spitting on the screen 😉

On first inspection, the movement doesn’t look too dirty, so the problems are most likely caused by lubrication failure.

For the age of the watch, the dial is in very good state.

I start off with the bottom plate.

All looking well, no rust, no water ingress through the winding stem.

Now it’s over to the top plate.

I order a new mainspring, clean, rinse and dry all the parts, and I’m ready to put the movement back together again.

It’s always worth removing the bezel, as it tends to get quite dirty under there. No exception here! I will also put a new crystal in, as this one is quite scratched.

Now I put the movement back together, starting with the top plate. I slightly wind the mainspring, drop the balance in, and the movement is ticking. All looking well.

Dial and hands go back on.

And the movement goes back into the case. The new crystal is in, and I’ve cleaned the case and put a new gasket in.

And we’re back in business. You can see the little Omega logo in the centre of the crystal – I managed to get hold of an original.


11 thoughts on “Service: Omega Seamaster calibre 562

  1. It would have been very interesting to put the watch on the timegrapher again after the overhaul to check amplitude etc.

  2. very interesting photos on strip and rebuild, as i am considering a non seamaster with 562 calibre, and it seems to have a good reputation for accuracy and rugged construction.

  3. Hi, i’m wondering whether this Omega is considered a Bauhaus style watch? i am planning on buying a Bauhaus watch, and came across the Nomos Orion (Nomos models are famous for their Bauhaus style).
    Somehow these two models seem similar. except for the hands which are dauphne vs stick, other aspects are very close to each other. What is your opinion?

      • ohh darn it! i am very interested in this Omega, saw it online, mint condition, for just about 400 dollars! so if there are no parts sold, i’d have to buy parts from broken Omegas, no? thanks for the heads up! now i will have to reconsider my decision.

        By the way, when you said ‘Bauhaus inspired at the most’, do you consider the Orion as a Bauhaus or just Bauhaus inspired? As i mentioned earlier the Seamaster & Orion look so similar, as far as the dial & the markers go. (now if we’re talking about the Max Bill, that’s a different story, as it is a Bauhaus, 100%).

        Sorry to ask a lot of questions, it’s just that I am new to watches, especially Bauhaus, and would like to learn from someone who knows watches 🙂 Any detailed explanation, if you are willing to give, of course, is highly appreciated!

  4. Love it, I’m glad I took your advice on the crystal. Really looking forward to having it back home. I’ll be looking for a suitable age related box for it now.

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