Service: Omega Speedmaster 105.003-64 calibre 321

IMG_9901Ferdinand sent in this pre-moon Speedmaster. On first sight, the hands look odd, as the bright green luminous compound just doesn’t look right.

Apart from that, the watch looks in good condition, but doesn’t reset properly.IMG_9903

Feast your eyes on the state of the movement! All screws are original, very few scratches, screw heads undamaged – this is probably the best 321 I’ve had in my workshop so far.IMG_9905

The amplitude isn’t bad, but all the jewels are dry, so the movement will need a service.IMG_9908

The hands have been re-lumed with bright green luminous compound.IMG_9909

The dial is still in great shape.IMG_9910

And so is the movement!IMG_9911

Time to take the chronograph apart.IMG_9915

The hammer, which resets the second and minute recorders to 0.IMG_9928

Now I can take the wheel bridge off.


The gear train.IMG_9933

The mainspring doesn’t look too bad, but I will replace it with a new one.IMG_9934

You can see that the old mainspring is slightly out of shape.IMG_9935

Now I take the bottom plate apart. On the right side sits the hour recorder, which is driven by the barrel.IMG_9938

The keyless works.IMG_9940

The last parts to come off the plate.IMG_9943

Now all goes into the cleaning machine.IMG_9967

Whilst that’s happening, I use some paint stripper to take the old luminous compound and paint off the hands.IMG_9968

The stripped hands.IMG_9969

Ready for new paint.IMG_9970

Hands painted. They now have to dry before I can apply the new compound.IMG_9971

The pushers need replacing.IMG_9999


The new mainspring – Omega original.IMG_0001

And into the barrel it goes.IMG_0003

The jewels are in place and oiled, and the balance swings freely.IMG_0005

The wheel bridge is back on.IMG_0006

I put the keyless works in so that I can wind the movement up.IMG_0007

The base movement is beating again.IMG_0009

And looking pretty good!IMG_0010

Now I can put the new pushers into the case. These are push-fit, and not screwed in, and they aren’t easy to get into the case…IMG_0011

With the base movement beating, I can start on the chronograph layer.IMG_0013

And done.IMG_0014

Now the rest of the bottom plate goes back on.IMG_0015

The dial is ready for the hands.IMG_0016

The case ring is back on the movement.IMG_0018

The newly painted and re-lumed hands are back on, and looking a lot better than the bright green stuff we had before.IMG_0019

The new pushers now need cutting down to the right length. After grinding off what is too long, I polish the surface, and re-cut the slit for the screwdriver.IMG_0020

Now I can case the movement with a new case back gasket.IMG_0021

Looking good!IMG_0022The new pushers.


12 thoughts on “Service: Omega Speedmaster 105.003-64 calibre 321

      • I would like to ask the question by explaining the fault. When the watch is wound the hour recording hand advances. I have stripped and assembled the watch many times to no avail, making very fine adjustments to the tension spring. What am I doing wrong? Thank you

        • Hi Bob,

          My if the hour recorder advances, the spring tension is fine – otherwise, it wouldn’t advance. My money is on the brake. Take the dial off, and check that the brake engages properly when the chronograph is stopped. If not, you can adjust the brake position. Just make sure it disengages properly when the chronograph is in running position. Let me know how it goes!

  1. Excellent restoration . Congratulation for work well done ! I have a Omega Speedmaster 145012_67 SP. Should have. 321 movement but someone in the past has changed the movement with a 861.If you have or in the future have a 321 for sale please contact me . Kind Regards. Louis

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  3. Without doubt, this along wth the WW2 Hanharts are my favourite chronographs. I love the way it is ‘all dial’ without any case showing. I also like the understated markings and hands. Lovely work and the restored hands look perfect.

  4. Absolutely stunning!!!! What an amazing piece by Omega. This model is my dream watch and to see one so lovingly restored brings tears to my eyes (yes how very sad). This calibre is micro mechanics at its best.

    What a lucky owner 🙂

  5. It didn’t look so bad with the green lume 😉

    Odd about the pushers… I assumed they were case + movement specific, so would be the correct size out of the box. You live and learn!

  6. What a lovely speedmaster. Great job on the hands, they look fantastic.

    Are the pushers supplied as a standard length to be cut down to fit or was this an unusual case?

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