Service: Omega Speedmaster 105.012-64 / calibre 321

IMG_2591I’m sure this post will raise some controversy… John sent in his Speedmaster for a service, and it didn’t look too good. The hands are bent and have lost their luminous compound and lots of their white paint, and the dial markers have been re-lumed with some dark green gunk, which wasn’t even properly applied. So in our book, nothing original to preserve, but a lot of room for improvement. The paint that’s come off the bezel is fine in our book, as the bezel is original – we will leave it as it is.IMG_2592

The case shows the usual wear and tear, but is in good condition considering the age of the watch.IMG_2593

Yes, it’s aΒ 105.012-64!IMG_2594

The dust cover is in good condition which always bodes well.IMG_2595

And the movement is in great condition! Both Mitka and I are surprised – with the state the dial and hands were in, we didn’t expect such a good movement.IMG_2596

The beat error is on the high side, and the movement is fast, but otherwise doesn’t look too bad.IMG_2597

The dial and hands in their full glory. You can tell that the luminous compound on the dial isn’t original.IMG_2598

The hands get the Nitromors treatment to take off the old lume and paint.IMG_2600

Apart from the luminous compound, the dial looks good.IMG_2601

And the movement is in great nick.IMG_2602

Everything as it should be.IMG_2603

There are some marks where the cock for the two recorders has been lifted up, but that’s not really something to write home about.IMG_2612

I take the chronograph layer apart.IMG_2621

The top plate is done, and now it’s time for the bottom plate.IMG_2630

Almost done.IMG_2634

The hands get a new coat of matte white paint.IMG_2635

All parts are cleaned, and ready for reassembly.IMG_2636

The barrel gets a new mainspring.IMG_2638

The bottom plate comes together.IMG_2639

I get the beat error down to 0.7ms. It’s collet adjusted, and as the movement has a lift angle of only 40 degrees, it’s very tricky to adjust the beat error.IMG_2641

That done, I put the chronograph layer together.IMG_2642

Then the bottom plate is completed.IMG_2643

The movement is ready for casing.IMG_2644

The case gets a new original Omega crystal, which now costs Β£54!IMG_2646

Mitka did the luminous compound on the dial, as he is better than me doing that. Must be my old age πŸ˜‰ He did an absolutely splendid job, and the dial and hands look a million miles better than before.IMG_2647

The movement is cased with a new case back gasket.

IMG_2649We are very pleased with the end result – especially when you compare it with the “before” photo!


15 thoughts on “Service: Omega Speedmaster 105.012-64 / calibre 321

  1. Hi Christian
    I have an Omega cal.321 exactly the same you have restored but my watch had some water infiltration that produced some rust on the dial, on the hands and the mainspring is broken by the rust.
    How much do you think it will cost to me ?
    Thank you in advance

  2. Don’t know why it would raise any controversy. A beautiful and sympathetic working face-lift on a tired dial. Well done. It would be the first thing I would do if I could find a half decent one for a half decent price. Congrats!

    • “Don’t know why it would raise any controversy. A beautiful and sympathetic working face-lift on a tired dial.”

      My thoughts exactly. Lovely job.

    • Christian

      Interested to know if you have found any difference in the usage of the nitromors as a few years back the formula was changed with the very strong ingredient removed/replaced.

      Has this been something you have noticed and if so, good or bad, for your particular usage?

  3. Wow!! Many thanks to Christian and Mitka for an excellent and professional job πŸ™‚ The decision on whether or not to relume a 50 year old watch dial is controversial and certainly generates some strenuous arguments on both sides – a recent discussion on the Omega Forums highlights this perfectly. In this case however, there was really little choice as the lume on both the dial and hands was completely beyond saving and didn’t have much positive going for it at all. I had a pretty good idea of this when I bought the watch but as it came to me at a good price and was never intended to be a ‘collectors piece’ then I think the work that Christian and Mitka have done will only add to it’s value to me as a watch that I will wear with pride. Thanks again πŸ™‚

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