Service: Omega Speedmaster 145.022-76ST calibre 861

IMG_3404This Speedy comes all the way from California, and David has sent it in for a service.

The luminous compound of the hands has darkened considerably over time, and doesn’t match the dial markers any more. Also, when engaging the chronograph, the second hand jumps sometimes.IMG_3406

The amplitude is a bit low, so a service is in order.IMG_3407

I love dust covers – they tend to have cleaner movements under them.IMG_3408

The 861 in all its glory. The movement is in good condition.IMG_3409

The hands need some new luminous compound.IMG_3410

And some of the paint has come off as well.IMG_3412

The pushers need a good clean.IMG_3413

The bottom plate – looking very good as well.IMG_3414

Time to take the movement apart.IMG_3416

With the bridge for the central runner and for the minute recorder removed, you can see a bit more detail.IMG_3428

The wheel train.IMG_3430

I will put in a new mainspring.IMG_3431

Time to take the bottom plate with the hour recorder apart.IMG_3436

Only the keyless works are left.IMG_3442

And it’s all apart.IMG_3449

The new mainspring has arrived.IMG_3450

In order to put the barrel in, the hour recorder and its plate have to be in place.IMG_3451

A view from above onto the hour recorder and its hammer.IMG_3452

Just put together – looking good.IMG_3453

Now I can start on the chronograph.IMG_3454

The bottom plate is complete.IMG_3456

And so is the chronograph.IMG_3457

Now I will have a look at the hands.IMG_3458

The pushers go back in with some silicone grease – the gaskets are still ok.IMG_3459

The new crystal.IMG_3460

And pressed into the case.IMG_3461

In order to re-paint the hands, I have to take off the old paint with paint stripper first.IMG_3462

Now I have clean hands that I can paint.IMG_3463

And here are the painted hands.IMG_3475

I am trying to hit the colour tone of the dial markers with the new lume, and mix some yellow and white lume together, and spice that up with a bit of tea paint. We make our own brown-ish paint from dried tea 😉IMG_3477

I’d say that’s pretty much spot on.IMG_3479

Now I can case the movement.IMG_3480

A final adjustment.IMG_3481

And I can put the case back on.IMG_3482

When I put the movement in, I notice that the tachymetre ring doesn’t quite align, so I take it off and put it back on.
That’s better!

15 thoughts on “Service: Omega Speedmaster 145.022-76ST calibre 861

  1. Hi Watchguy
    I really like all your work . Often find them really helpful when servicing a watch . I wonder what kind of paint you use when you paint the hands on this speedmaster ?


    • Hi Rogart,

      We use enamel paint that is also used in model making – Humbrol is one of the brands available. You have to thin the paint, and use a small oiler tip to apply it.

  2. Hi, I’m looking into picking up a used Speedy, which will no doubt need a service, but I have no idea of the sort of costs involved in this (I’ve got a few manuals and automatics, but to be honest they have never been serviced as they are running fine and only a few years old).

    Would you be able to give a ball park cost on the say

    1 – the mechanical service done above (I appreciate what needs doing will vary wildly from watch to watch though!).
    2 – The hand repainting and re-lume
    3 – replacing the crystal/plastic with a saphire version?

    Sorry for all the questions, but would be great to know from someone who has previously worked and done such a good job on the exact version I’m after picking up.


  3. Christian, you are a genius. It gladdens my heart to know that there are still people in this world that take such care in their work.

  4. Christian, I can’t thank you enough for this fine work on my Speedy, its looking fantastic! And, thanks for your patience with all my questions and inquiries thru the process. As Rad notes, I’ve wanted one of these for a while now and finally was able to find one within my budget. So, it was with great relief that I got your comment that the movement was in good order. I’ll likely keep this watch forever and let my sons figure out which one gets it next! Can’t wait to get it back stateside and share this experience with others. Thanks again! David

  5. Excellent! This is my friends watch. He has lusted over my Speedy for some time and finally bit the bullet. I know he will be pleased.

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