Service: Orient DayDate / calibre 4694

You don’t have these on your bench too often. Orient is a Japanese watch manufacturer, and they make their own movements. That’s something I really like, because anyone can stick an ETA movement into a case.

How much cooler does it get? Not only do we have a TV/CRT type case, but we have an Arabic / English Day display. There is an extra button at 2 o’clock that lets you shift between English and Arabic for the day! Wow and wow, I’d learn Arabic just to be able to tell the day… an Orient / Occident shift button.

Very blingy, very 70s, very cool!

Dave from the UK sent in this watch, and it doesn’t tick, and shaking it doesn’t even move the balance. Ouch.

Side view of the case. On the right, we have the Orient / Occident switch button.

Opening the watch, I feel instantly reminded of Seiko. I guess there is a Japanese watchmaking tradition that is visible.

As I’m not sure of the winding stem release mechanism, I work my way through the top plate with the movement in the case.

Without knowing anything about the watch, I would guess that the dial is Chinese, and the movement is Japanese.Note how the 6 and 12 hour markers are quite oddly placed – they are not at angle.

With the dial removed, you can see how the bilingual Day wheel works.

Bottom plate cleared.

All parts cleaned, rinsed and dried – ready for reassembly.

As usual, I start off by putting the balance jewels in and oiling them.

The gear train and wheel bridge go back in.

I drop the balance in, and the movement starts ticking.

Barely wound, I get a great result on my first round of adjusting.

The bottom plate assembly goes back in.

Dial and hands are put back on.

With the movement cased, the auto-winder assembly is mounted.

Happily ticking again. Great watch, so 70s!

19 thoughts on “Service: Orient DayDate / calibre 4694

  1. How do you remove a 469 movement from the case? Once I remove the stem, the movement just spins on the case, I can’t figure out how to take it out.

  2. Hello,
    Is it difficult to replace in half an hour
    the original mechanism of Orient WD (2nd generation World Diver; 1 date/day window) Y469622A-7A for some other bogus?
    I have such a suspicion, unfortunately.

  3. Hi
    I have a Wittnauer W102 with a damaged balance staff. THis is supposed to be an Orient 469 movement but I cant find any for sale anywhere to take bits from. Was just wondering if the balance wheel for the Witt W102 was the same as that fitted to the Orient 469, albeit swinging in a different direction. (The balance cock is mounted the opposite hand as well). I could take the hairspring off the W102 and mount the Orient 469 balance wheel on the W102 staff.? What do you think?

  4. Hei.

    Minä löysin kellon ja haluaisin nyt tiedustella siitä hieman jos vain osaisit vastata.
    Elikk√§ kello on naisten rannekello merkki√§ GUESS ? inc. JAPAN MOV¬īT kellon alku tekstien alussa on pieni ympyr√§ mutta en saa selv√§√§ mik√§ kirjain tai merkki siin√§ sis√§ss√§ on.
    Kello on water resistant.
    Keskellä takataulua on merkki GUESS ?
    Sen sain tarkastettua täältä netistä että sen rannekkeen on terästä niin aitous on kun on oikeassa kohdassa nuoli ja se löytyi.
    Elikkä olisin erittäin onnellinen jos pystyisit kertomaan minulle minä vuonna kello on tehty, sen aitous ja mikä mahtaa olla sen tämän hetkinen arvo.
    Ihan sill√§ nyt tiedustelen n√§it√§ tietoja ett√§ kun laitan ilmoituksen ett√§ olen t√§llaisen rannekellon l√∂yt√§nyt niin en tietenk√§√§n siihen laita kuin “l√∂ytynyt naisten GUESSIN rannekello ja tarkempia yksityiskohtia kertomalla saa tulla hakemaan kellon”
    Meinaan vaan että jos on arvokaskin niin omistaja on varmasti todella onnellinen enkä nyt arvokkuudella tarkoita rahaa vaan tunne arvoa.
    Jos nyt minua jotenkin pystyt auttamaan niin olen iki onnellinen.
    kiitos etukäteen.
    Ystävällisin terveisin: Sari Hyväkkä

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  6. Hi Christian,

    I’m interested in buying an Orient Mako diver’s watch here in the UK but kind of put off by the fact that there’re no official dealers in the country. Do you now if it’s possible to get an Orient watch serviced in the UK?


  7. Hello Christian,

    I’m servicing an ORIENT 3 stars (***) – 48320 but the dial is in very bad condition…
    Do you have an address to order a new one or a second hand in good condition ?
    The diameter is 28,5mm.


  8. Hi Christian,
    Is the auto-winder similar to the Seiko pawl-lever bi-directional design?
    Nice work by the way.

  9. Wow! That was fast! I wasn’t expecting any news for another week or so. I’m really excited now as I’ve never seen this watch run before. Thankyou so much Christian.



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