Service: Patek Phillipe 2588 calibre 23-300

IMG_6318Paul sent this nice Patek Phillipe in for a service. He bought it from eBay in Italy, which does make the hair on my neck stand up a bit…IMG_6320

The case is in very good condition, with just a few scratches where the slot for removing the case back is.IMG_6321

The movement has a lot of fine scratches.573-04

And the famous damage by using a screwdriver that’s too wide when removing the winding stem, which scratches the wheel bridge badly. This is something I don’t understand. You have a Patek in front of you, but not a screwdriver that fits. Do you:
a.) mangle the bridge of a watch that’s worth several thousand pounds?
b.) step back from the watch and let somebody with the right screwdriver do the work?
I thought it was obvious, but apparently, it isn’t 😉573-01

Some blue grease on the wheel bridge… sign of a very sloppy service.573-02

All the jewels have considerable amounts of dirt in them.IMG_6323

Paul was complaining that the watch was several minutes fast per day, and with a timegrapher image like that, and the dirt everywhere, that’s quite probable.IMG_6325

The back of the dial – looks like it’s been restored at one point.IMG_6326

You got to admit that Patek Phillipe knows how to decorate a watch!IMG_6327

A gorgeous little movement.IMG_6333

Even the underside of the wheel bridge has perlage decoration. As this movement has the Geneva seal, there are no wire springs – check out the click spring!IMG_6334

The barrel is of course also decorated.IMG_6335

The usual old grease. As the movement had a good amplitude, and I can’t get a mainspring in exactly the right dimensions, I will reuse the old one.IMG_6336

Anglage, Perlage, beautiful finishes throughout.IMG_6345

Epilame treatment for the usual suspects.IMG_6403

As I am reusing the old mainspring, I clean and grease it.IMG_6404

Now we’re ready for reassembly.IMG_6406

I start off with the barrel and wheel train.IMG_6407

And then put together the bottom plate.IMG_6408

The balance goes in – let’s see where we are.IMG_6409

The beat error needs adjusting, and that’s done on the collet for the rough adjustment.IMG_6410

Back onto the timegrapher.IMG_6415

After an hour of collet turning, using the hairspring stud adjustment, and the little weights on the balance, I am where I want to be.IMG_6416

Now I can put the dial back on.IMG_6417With a new crystal, the watch is looking great!


21 thoughts on “Service: Patek Phillipe 2588 calibre 23-300

  1. Hi from Germany,
    just bought a Calatrava today with inside 23-300.
    So i found your page.
    Wonderful pictures and such wonderful informations and text.
    1000 thanks for your site.

  2. Hello!
    What a beautiful movement! I just love the individual bridges (or cocks) on the fourth and the escapement wheels.

    I understand it is a free sprung balance, wright?

    How is the hairspring balance caught to the cock? Do you have, by any chance a picture with the underside of the balance cock?

    Great work!

  3. Hi I was interested in your very detailed and informative write up on the 2588J, I am considering purchasing one…I have been unable to find any information on the years of manufacture of this model and any price range …it seems that they are apprx £3000? This is around my budget figure and it seems a good. Entry point for a Patek given my financial resources are limited….several I have seen have no papers or box but appear to come from legitimate jewellery dealers in Europe . Or USA.any other pitfalls to look out would appreciated and is it recommended and acceptable to ask for some photos of the watch I may purchase “with movement” showing eg case back removed ? Thanks

    • I don’t really recommend buying one of those. No spare parts are available, and if you need anything, you have to send your watch off to PP, which will require re-mortgaging your house. Buy a nice Nomos 😉

  4. I agree with Cirrus, when buying a used PP the only way i would is if im able to see it in my hand before i pay for it. I had one bad experience on ebay and wont by much on there anymore but this is a great piece. I would say whoever “serviced” this before should be ashamed at their work. Sloppy! When I service any type of watch i treat it like it was a Patek and the more i read and look at the work Christain does i think he has the same mind set. Great Work!

  5. hello Christian, not all Italians are dishonest people, and not all Italian watchmakers destroy the screws … 😉
    congratulations for the work
    Greetings from Milan

    • Hi Federico,

      Sorry if that came across wrongly. I’m absolutely not making any assumptions about the honesty of Italians. There is just a fair amount of mail insurance fraud going on – so a lot of UK eBayers don’t ship to Italy. I guess that taints a bit.
      I have Italian customers as well, and all of them are very nice and honest people.

      Greetings from Stroud,


  6. That does look great – the dial especially is lovely… but buying a PP off eBay? From Paul is a braver man than I 😉

    The little PacMan weights on the balance – how do you adjust them? Just by turning?

      • Such a tiny difference in balance… just goes to show how little it takes to affect – or impair – the operation of a watch movement.

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