Service: Porsche P’6310 – ETA2892A2

IMG_0018This is Nik’s Porsche watch, and you can tell when it’s open that a car manufacturer was involved in making this – which I quite like. Porsche design just doesn’t rubberstamp a watch and sells it, but they create something that reflects their design ethos. Good on them.

Inside lurks the ETA 2892A2, and that’s a pretty good choice, as it’s the best ETA has to offer, and Omega uses this movement as well.

The watch doesn’t tick at all, but it’s been a while since it had a service.IMG_0019

The case back has a sapphire crystal, so you can see the rotor. And if you look at it, it does resemble an alloy wheel.IMG_0020

Now look at the case. I wouldn’t hesitate to identify that as a component of a turbo charger. I think this is a really cool design.

IMG_0028I won’t put up too many detailed photos of the ETA, as you all have seen enough on this blog already. This movement is a great performer.

IMG_0035The bottom plate with a nice, snappy date change, and the Porsche designed date ring.

IMG_0162Having cleaned everything, and epilame treated the pallet fork, escape wheel and cap jewels, I’m ready for reassembly with a new mainspring.

IMG_0170I start off by putting together the base movement, and then checking if everything is fine, before putting the rest together.

IMG_0173And that’s what I mean when I talk about the great performance of this movement. Positional variation is very low, too, and you will always get better than COSC from a serviced watch with this movement.

IMG_0178Everything is back together.

IMG_0180The case gets a complete clean as well. See what I mean about the car parts look?

IMG_0184Back together in all its glory.

IMG_0185Last but not least, I waterproof test, and all is well.

8 thoughts on “Service: Porsche P’6310 – ETA2892A2

  1. Do you find that being able to get better than COSC results from a 2892 movement is only possible if it is a top grade or chronometer grade 2892 to begin with? Thanks

    • I agree with Christian. Even standard grade 2892, and even 2824 are so well made that most will be possible to adjust within COSC after a proper service (or as new).
      Based on finishing and design it will be easier with the higher graded ones, however the quality of the design, and the extremely precise manufacturing by ETA should ensure that also “Elabore” versions will meet COSC.
      One of the key reasons for the added price of a Chronometer grade movement is the time it takes to adjust the movement. Time = Money (every watch collector knows this 🙂
      There are no differences in the design, finishing or components between Top and Chronometer grade 2892A2 movements. The added price here is ONLY adjustment and certificate cost as far as I can find with ETA.

  2. Made by Eterna. Great quality, and since the 2892 originally was designed by ETernA it may even claim “in house” pedigree:-)
    The Porsche family actually owned Eterna for quite some years and contrary to many other “car brand” watches this is a high quality product with real substance.
    Loving it!

  3. I would imagine it would split a horologists’ convention but the word “design” surely fulfills it’s brief.

    That would come right off the Chrysler building model!

    Nice thanks.

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