Service: Rado Elegance / Peseux 7001

IMG_5077Another quite unusual watch today. Yagnesh from Singapore sent this one in, and I wanted to share it with you. It’s called “Elegance” for a reason! A very flat watch, and a manual wind, so I sort of have a hunch that a Peseux 7001 may be inside… We all know this movement from the pre-2005 Nomos watches.

The crystal is badly cracked, and will need to be replaced.IMG_5079

And yes, it’s a Peseux 7001, marked as a Rado movement.IMG_5082

The movement could do with a service.IMG_5085


The bottom plate. The movement is in very good condition, even though the case is quite dirty and damaged.IMG_5096

Ready for the cleaning machine.IMG_5229

Now for the not so easy task of getting the old crystal out. I heat the case to 120 degrees for 20 minutes to soften up the old crystal, and can then remove the bezel ring.IMG_5230

As I can’t find an original crystal for love nor money, I use a standard high-dome crystal, and turn 15/100mm off from the outside on the lathe.IMG_5231

Result – the bezel ring can be pressed on snugly, and the crystal sits tightly in the case.IMG_5466

Now I can put the movement back together. Not a scratch on the plates, and in very good condition!IMG_5468

This looks very good indeed, and is exactly what you expect from a Peseux 7001 – a very good movement.IMG_5475

And we’re back in business with a very elegant Rado indeed!

5 thoughts on “Service: Rado Elegance / Peseux 7001

  1. Christian thanks for a wonderful job on the watch. The watch was originally my father’s bought in the late 60s. The watch was never probably serviced before this and my father used to wear it all over the world as he travelled a lot. I have been wearing it on and off for the last couple of a years.

    I am really going to enjoy wearing it going forward.

  2. That’s a pretty interesting design. Looks somewhat futuristic… in a “Space: 1999” kind of way 😉

    Nice work on getting a crystal to fit – I would have thought they were quite susceptible to cracking if you did much to them!

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