Service: Rado Green Horse AS1859

Chris sent me this Rado Green Horse. As a real green horse, a rather rare beast!

I do like Rado watches, and I have one myself.

The Rado Green Horse doesn’t have a quick-set day or date, so you have to wind backwards to set the day back, and then go forward and set day and date together.

Lovely 25 jewel movement.

I’m sure we can improve on this.

Day and date rings.

Well constructed day and date changers.

Balance jewels taken out, only the set and clutch lever assembly to go.

The wheel train with central second.

Everything taken apart and ready for cleaning.

As usual, I put together the bare movement first.

Only slightly wound, this is pretty good – compare to the initial timegrapher image when I started out.

Now I start putting the bottom plate back together.

Now the dial and hands go back on.

After casing the movement, I put together the auto-winder assembly. If you ever want to do this – you have to put it together upside-down away from the movement, and then put it back onto the movement. There is no way to put it together when it’s on the movement.

Complete auto-winder assembly ready to be put onto the movement.

The old gasket has quite a bit of damage as there is some corrosion on the watch back.


And the green horse is trotting again!


6 thoughts on “Service: Rado Green Horse AS1859

  1. Hi my Rado tocini watch has an anchor at 12 that rotate but recently it just stopped. It keeps good time still. Des it needs servicing? And how much u think would it cost me.Thanks

  2. How much do you charge for a service for an identical Radio watch to the one in your article? Anchor symbol does not rotate so guess due for a service! Radio watch keeping good time and day/date functions working perfectly.Looking forward to your reply.
    Regards Gary

  3. Very nice Green Horse, looks great! Silly name? The seahorse is a symbol for luck in Fareast, so the name was surely one factor for the great success of the different Horses-models on the markets there.

  4. Thanks Christian, great service and super quick turn-around! Great communication all the way, other watches in my collection will be heading your way in the near future!



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