Service: Rado Princess FHF59-21

IMG_7377Richard sent in this Rado, as it doesn’t work properly. It only runs for a couple of minutes and then stops.

A great little cocktail watch from the 20s or 30s!IMG_7380

The movement is packed away safely in a second sub-case, through which the winding stem can be released and the regulator can be reached.IMG_7382

The movement is an FHF 59-21, with Inca shock protection. Looks like I have to revise the time the watch was made – more likely to date from the 60s or 70s 😉IMG_7385

The balance is tiny – for comparison, my index finger next to it.IMG_7389

The gear train.IMG_7394

And here is the culprit – the end of the mainspring that locks into the barrel is bent over.IMG_7400

Ready for reassembly.IMG_7578

The new mainspring has arrived.IMG_7580

I put the balance jewels and the escape wheel cap jewel back in.IMG_7582

The base movement is back together and beating.IMG_7584

With the movement just put together, and the mainspring not fully wound, I’m happy with the timegrapher image. IMG_7586

The bottom plate back together and ready for the dial.IMG_7588

And done…

5 thoughts on “Service: Rado Princess FHF59-21

  1. Thank you so much Christian, watch arrived safely this morning ticking happily and keeping good time. My other half will be delighted that you have managed to repair it.

  2. Very nice… but I doubt I would be able to tell it was a watch, and certainly not be able to see the time on it 😉

  3. 14 karat gold case! Are those diamonds on the front? Probably quite an expensive watch in its day! Very art art nouveau, I like it! 🙂

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