Service + Repair: Movado Datron Diver Chronograph / Zenith 3019 PHC

IMG_6469Thomas from Belgium sent me his Movado Datron Diver Chronograph. It has the Zenith 3019 PHC movement, which beats at 36,000 bph.

The watch needs a service, so let’s get stuck in…IMG_6470

Yes, the amplitude is pretty feeble…IMG_6472

First look at the movement, and I can already see some abrasion.IMG_6475

The bottom plate looks nice and tidy.IMG_6480

Look at the specs of dirt on the chronograph bridge – this is abrasion, and usually comes from the auto winder.IMG_6481

Time to take the chronograph apart.IMG_6485

You can see the little specs of abrasion where the auto winder gears sit at 4 o’clock.IMG_6486

If you zoom in all the way on the large hole of the middle spring, you can see that it’s cracked – I only notice that when I put the movement back together.IMG_6499

The underside of the wheel bridge.IMG_6500

and the gear train.IMG_6501

Now it’s time to take the bottom plate apart.IMG_6511

The unlocking date spring is of the old type, and I will replace that with the new one, which is less likely to break.IMG_6521

Even though the barrel says “Do not open”, I do, and take out the mainspring for cleaning. The more Zenith chronograph movements I do, the more I am inclined to leave the old mainsprings in, as the movements have a problem with too much power on the winding gears anyway. So anything to alleviate that is welcome.IMG_6522

Into the cleaning machine.IMG_6523

The hour hand has lost its luminous compound, and I will re-apply new compound to both hands.IMG_6524

Everything ready for re-assembly.IMG_6648

The barrel is closed again, with the old mainspring greased.IMG_6649

The gear train goes back onto the plate, and all looks nice and clean.IMG_6650

The wheel bridge is on, and we are getting closer to a beating movement.IMG_6651

With the escape wheel cock and the balance in, the movement starts beating.IMG_6653

Now it’s time for the bottom plate.IMG_6657

The broken operating lever spring – no problem, as I can get hold of a new one.IMG_6751

The hammer also had a small crack, and I put in a new one. Good thing that I make photos available for my clients as I work on the watch, because Thomas spotted this straight away! I would only have noticed on re-assembly…IMG_6752

Now I can start to put the chronograph back together.IMG_6753

The old hammer with the little crack, and the new hammer still in its packaging.IMG_6756

All ready for the chronograph bridge.IMG_6757

And the chronograph bridge is on.IMG_6758

Now I can put together the rest of the bottom plate.IMG_6759

The old and new style unlocking date spring (old at the top).IMG_6760

Unlocking date spring in place.IMG_6761

Bottom plate complete.IMG_6764

Now the dial and hands go back on. The new luminous compound suits the watch quite well.IMG_6765

Now I case the movement, and only have to put in the oscillating weight.IMG_6767

And look at that – straight as an arrow, good amplitude, and low positional variation.IMG_6769Cased and ready to go back to Belgium.


17 thoughts on “Service + Repair: Movado Datron Diver Chronograph / Zenith 3019 PHC

  1. I’ve got the exact same watch . Keeps perfectime however a pusher needs replace and chrono function doesn’t work . Any advice I’m happy to send u the watch

  2. That’s a good job and nice amplitude, just on the little crack on the hammer it is meant to be split at that point, when you turn the hammer screw it opens and closes so you can adjusted how much the tip of the hammer touches the chronograph runner.

  3. Luv luv it! I have a couple of Movado’s with 36000 beat movements but this is really the Datron is the one I’m after! This one is in excellent condition as well! You see them on the bay in poorer condition for £1400($2300)

  4. Congratulations, Christian, for this great job, and for gently dissuading me from having the hands painted white. The movement pics in the customer’s area are truly awesome and instead of sending my watch into exile for an anonymous repair, I became an intimate witness and partner in the process of rejuvenating this old lady. Thanks for letting me share these moments with her. 🙂

  5. Love these older chrono movements, the date position is great, and nothing getting eaten by the sub-dials.

    What is the bezel made out of? it looks a little like plastic?

  6. Is that date spring the same component that you had confusion with on the Zenith Cal. 400 movement? Looks to me to be the same, so presumably they replaced it across all their movements?

    It’s a really smart looking watch – I really like chronos with contrasting coloured sub-dials 😉

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