Service + Repair: Omega Seamaster calibre 501

This great Seamaster belongs to Paul. The crown has broken off, and it needs a new crystal and a service. The dial looks a bit tired, but maybe we don’t need a restoration here… There seems to be some dirt on it as well, and I will try to very carefully remove that …

There is also some damage on the dial from removing the hands, and the hands themselves have seen better times, but all that is part of the history of the watch as well.

The movement looks like it’s in very good condition for its age.

I proceed to take the movement apart.

After cleaning all the parts, reassembly starts with a new mainspring.

Oddly enough, the movement does not have the calibre number under the “Omega”. Very unusual, and I have to guess that this is a calibre 501…

I got a new original Omega crown and winding stem.

I managed to clean some of the dirt off the dial, especially around the markers and the date window.

With a new crystal, this Seamaster is back in business!

A watch with visible history.


4 thoughts on “Service + Repair: Omega Seamaster calibre 501

  1. I’ve got a near identical seamaster cal 503 here that I’m hoping you can sort, Its not ticking at all, hopefully I’ll get a space in your next set of repair slots and you can work your magic on it.

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