Service & Repair: Omega Seamaster Chronograph 145.006 – 66 / calibre 321

IMG_6229Fatima from Sweden sent this unusual Seamaster chronograph with a nice panda dial in. It’s not running properly, and some attention is needed…IMG_6234

On first sight, all is looking well (I have already removed the case screws).IMG_6237

The movement taken out of the case.IMG_6238

Hands and dial removed.IMG_6239

Not the best performance, so a service won’t go amiss.IMG_6245

The thread for the blocking lever must have gotten damaged at one point, and it’s been re-bushed, and the thread re-cut. Not a bad job, so nothing to do here.IMG_6247

But the blocking lever screw used doesn’t work. Somebody used a screw that doesn’t belong here, and added a ring to make it fit. As the screw is still available, I don’t quite get what that is good for, especially as the thread repair had been carried out quite well. IMG_6260

The big screw holding the setting lever in place is also missing.IMG_6309

The balance staff is worn, and needs replacing. I remove the old staff with my lovely Platax tool.IMG_6310

The balance taken apart.IMG_6449

Now the new balance staff is riveted in, and I can put the balance back together.IMG_6450

The complete balance with the old staff on the side.IMG_6452

The fourth wheel is slightly bent, and rusted. As a new one is still available, I order one in.IMG_6453

The gear train in place.IMG_6454

Just put back together, and looking quite nice.IMG_6455

Now I can start putting the chronograph bits in.IMG_6456

The banking key, which is used to adjust the depthing of the central chronograph runner, is broken, so adjustment isn’t possible any more. I replace it, and adjust the depthing.IMG_6459

Now I can put the bottom plate back together.IMG_6460

And the movement is ready for the dial and hands.IMG_6461

The pushers get new gaskets.IMG_6463

The movement cased with a new case back gasket.IMG_6464

A lovely Seamaster Chronograph in good condition, and back to a new life!

9 thoughts on “Service & Repair: Omega Seamaster Chronograph 145.006 – 66 / calibre 321

  1. Great job – I guess I’ll have to send my “new” Tissot with a very familiar movement to you 😉
    One question – have you begun adding those small comments on the photos for all clients? I’d love to be have them on the (excellent) photos you normally take during work.

  2. Great job! I assume that under Omega’s new system, the parts would no longer be distributed by them and Omega would either write it off as unrepairable or charge an arm and a leg for the work.

  3. Very thorough Job Christian, well done!

    Strangely, those banking lever screws where not available until about 3 months ago. It appears must have stumbled onto some old stock from somewhere!

    Probably worth keeping one or 2 in stock, as they might not be around for long 😉

  4. Great job!
    Nice to see these fantastic chronographs brought back in service.
    Too many have been butchered as parts donors for Speedmaster projects.
    Love that panda dial!

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