Service + Repair: Poljot DeLuxe Automatic calibre 2415

This Poljot was sent in by David from Alberta in Canada. The watch isn’t working – it just doesn’t wind up. Looks like the mainspring is slipping or the ratchet wheel on top of the barrel is broken.

The inside looks tidy and clean enough – so hopefully, I will not encounter more problems.

The brass wheels are for the gear train, and metal coloured wheels are for the winding train. There is no centre wheel – only the second arbor runs through the middle of the plate (under the bridge you can see in the middle).

With the bridge removed, you can see the second arbor.

The cannon pinion is driven from the top plate.

Everything taken apart and ready for cleaning.

Cousins UK has a large selection of parts for the calibre 2415 movement, which is great.

With the balance jewels back in, I start putting the gear train in. I ordered a new second hand arbor, as the original one was bent, and it didn’t survive my attempt to straighten it out. At £9, the damage isn’t too bad.

The movement is coming back together.

The balance does not only have outrageous side- and end shake, but the hairspring is deformed, and some of the windings stick together. I tried demagnetizing, but this is permanent damage. As the whole balance assembly only costs £9, this is a quick decision! Not like £200 – £300 for an Omega or Rolex balance 😉

After three attempts, I have a decent beat error of 0.5ms. Good amplitude of 287 degrees, with slightly shaky lines – but this is not a brand new watch.

Now I can put the bottom plate back together.

Dial and hands go back on.

The movement goes back into the case, and the rotor for the auto winder goes on. The little lock for the rotor isn’t on yet, you can see the space in the middle of the rotor where it goes.

With a new gasket, the back is put back on, and here we have a pretty stylish Russian watch!

14 thoughts on “Service + Repair: Poljot DeLuxe Automatic calibre 2415

  1. Good info. I just boght one of these, that runs but stops. Good to know parts are available, should it not be just dirt.

  2. imam ovakav poljot kao sa slike pukao točkić za navijanje, trebalo bi uraditi i čišćenje pored toga kolko bi koštala od prilike pošto sam iz srbije i kako bih dostavio sat na remont(popravku)? POZDRAV

  3. Hello I have a limited edition 3 dial Poljot chronograph watch with sapphire crystal in front and a skeletin glass on the back. It’s about 5 yrs old and like knew. It stopped working a few yrs back and a local watch repair shop here in south Georgia could not repair it. Should I send it to you? Your website is pretty well done and I’d like to have this fine watch running. Let me know Thank you.

  4. i hawe on watch poljot de luxe automatic 29 jewels
    and it is broken.
    it’s posible to find a repair manual (using guid),or
    so ?

  5. Hallo,
    I have a Poljot “automatic traveller watch”. The (front) glass has been damaged, and should be repaired. Can you help me, or can you advise me where I can try to have it repaired?

    Regards Robert

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  7. Thank you so much Christian. Excellent work as always. I have had this watch for more than a year without wearing I because it came with a very nice but extra long strap and I couldn’t get the original spring bars off for fear of breaking something. I actually gave it away once, only to have it come back to me not working. It seemed only right to have it ressurected after that. Now to find just the right strap.

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