Service + Repair: Roamer / MST175

IMG_0719David sent me three watches – one of them this early Roamer with the MST 175 movement. The dial has some small cracks, but otherwise, the watch is in good condition.


I do like the look of this movement, especially that the wheels of the gear train have their own cock.  The movement has 15 jewels, so the centre wheel isn’t jewelled.IMG_0724

A first look at the bottom plate reveals that the set lever spring is broken, but John from obsolete watch and clock parts can help.IMG_0728

I take the balance assembly apart, so that the jewels get cleaned properly in the cleaning machine.IMG_0741

As the mainspring is original and in decent shape, I will leave it in.IMG_0926

Now I can start to put the movement back together.344-1-01

I notice that the lower cap jewel is completely shattered.IMG_0927

Using my jewel press, I press out the old jewel.344-1-02

After a good look at my old spare parts, I find a cap jewel that fits. It’s a bit thinner than the original, so I tighten the hole that it sits in a bit, and then put some shellac on from the back to keep it in place.IMG_0931

With the new cap jewel, the movement is happily beating again.IMG_0933

A very nice early Roamer indeed.

20 thoughts on “Service + Repair: Roamer / MST175

  1. Good morning everyone
    I was wondering if i may get here a setting lever for my old watch Roamer 4410.
    Thanks very much.

  2. Hello, I wonder if you could advise me about repairing my granddad’s Roamer Popular. He gave it to me the night he died in 1974 and it is very special to me. It needs a new balance and rechroming. Would be very grateful.

    Best wishes,

  3. I have a Roamer watch/Triangle lighter Pat. Sept. 4 1928 can’t seem to find one that is like mine. It has a square face and the wheel that sets the time is on the front right side. Would love some info if you have any. Thank you.

  4. I have a roamer 17 jewel automatic incarboc whrist watch on the back it says brevete swiss made 215999 180459 I am trying to work out its age and model no

    • I was looking for somewhere to get my watch cleaned and came across your question.
      I have a Roamer watch with all the same detail as described by you. This was bought on 6 November 1956 and has worked perfectly since. I have had it cleaned twice but now it has been returned returned as parts are not available. Has anyone had a similar watcht repaired recently, and if so, where.

      • I have an identical watch and was given the same reply by my local jeweller. As it was my father’s watch I would love to have it repaired (at a sensible cost) but don’t know where to go next. Can anyone help?

    • I am from South Africa /Durban.Very interested to buy the watch.Please send me price I ZAR South African currency.

    • Same watch, different case. “Roamer” was a trademark of L. Tieche Gammeter (the LTG referred to in the article which in the early 1930’s was used as a case mark), a watchmaker in the same town as Meyer & Studeli. M&ST purchased LTG in around 1918. As far as we can tell up until that point M&ST only made cylinder watches, but almost immediately after started selling lever wristwatches and using the “Roamer” mark as well as continuing to sell the LTG lever pocket watches.

      Nice job on this one Christian!

    • It is simply that all indications are for a watch from the mid 1920s, yet Tissot claims first non-magnetic in 1930. Those are the facts that are difficult to reconcile.

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