Service + Repair: Rolex Oyster Speedking 6430 calibre 1210

IMG_9850The lovely Rolex came all the way from New York City, and Steve sent it over. The crown thread is so damaged that the crown doesn’t screw down any more, and the watch needs a service, a case and bracelet polish, and a new crystal. Onwards and upwards …IMG_9853

The amplitude is a bit feeble, and the watch is too fast.


The beautiful calibre 1210.IMG_9855

As usual, there is quite a bit of dirt under the bezel.IMG_9856

The hands and dial are still in good condition.IMG_9857

Nicely decorated bottom plate, with the cap jewels for the balance and escape wheel visible.IMG_9862

In this photo, I have already removed the cap jewels.IMG_9867

Lots of old grease in the mainspring barrel.IMG_9868

And off into the cleaning machine.IMG_9869

The cap jewels, escape wheel and pallet fork are epilame treated.IMG_9870

All the parts ready for reassembly.IMG_9871

I start off with the cap jewels.IMG_9872

Then, I put the gear train in.IMG_9878

The new original Rolex mainspring.IMG_9880

And the movement is ticking again.IMG_9883

That’s looking very good indeed.IMG_9884

The bottom plate complete.IMG_9885

And the second hand arbor and driving wheel are mounted.IMG_9895Now I can put the dial and hands on.


Charles has polished the case, bezel and bracelet, and has put a new crystal in.IMG_0418

The new crown arrives. Rolex original, and a proud £175!IMG_0419

I case the movement.IMG_0420

The case back gets a new gasket, too.IMG_0421

And the watch is back to its old glory.IMG_0424

Very nice indeed.IMG_0425The bracelet looks as good as new, too.



21 thoughts on “Service + Repair: Rolex Oyster Speedking 6430 calibre 1210

  1. What do you charge to refurbish a rolex like the one on this article….i have a 6430 speedking in similar condition the crown is good though…lol

  2. Hello,
    I try to find a geniun dial Rolex Oyster Speedking Ref. 6430, mid-size 30mm for replace my watch.If you have a spare part of Dial (Black or white) I would like to have for replace my watch.
    Thank you in advance
    Woravit Ph.

  3. Hi Christian,

    Very pleased to see a new post, as always. May I ask why the mainspring goes in the cleaning machine if you are going to replace the spring anyway?


  4. I love an old Rolex… very few of the modern ones do much for me 😉

    How would the thread in the crown have been damaged? I would have thought / hoped the thread on the pendant tube would go first…

  5. Hi Christian. I love reading your blog and I’m always excited to see a new entry.

    I was wondering what sort of detail you go into with your client before servicing and partially restoring a higher value piece like this where value is highly dependent on originality and the condition of hands and dial. In past entries you’ve given hands that show some ageing a light polish (and these hands could perhaps have been a candidate given that the case was also being polished), but I assume you wouldn’t do so unless instructed by the client.

    While I can discuss such things with my watch maker face-to-face, you have the added complication of distance and sometimes language barriers to deal with.
    A future entry on the type of discussion you have had with a client about their options would perhaps be interesting to your readers.


    • Hi Tristan,

      A project like this one will have a trail of 30-odd emails, and I discuss pretty much every detail of the work carried out with my clients. This includes photos whilst I’m working on the watch, discussions about what parts to use, and often clients are involved in sourcing parts, too.

      The hands of this Rolex actually got a light polish, too.

      It might actually be the other way around. If you give your watch to your local watchmaker, you have your 15 or 20 minutes discussing the work carried out, and the next step is the finished result. My clients and I are in pretty much constant communication whilst I work on their watches, and decisions are changed half-way, or we explore one avenue, and then decide to go down another. It’s a very interactive process.

      Best regards,


      • You’re quite right Christian, I have a discussion with my watchmaker abouth what I’d like done and then I get a call when the job is done. Although we might discuss any parts he had to replace, it’s not the sort of detailed breakdown that you give your clients. I think that’s why your readers love your blog – it gives us some insight into the workings of our wonderful little machines and the work that goes into servicing and repairing them.

        Thanks for the insight into your communication with your clients.


  6. Excellent job Christian, they’ve done a great job on the case. Who do you get to do case work?

    If I was ever to have a Rolex, I think it would have to be a Speedking like this…

  7. great job, I love those old rivet style bracelets, cracking watch by the way, sure the owner will be highly delighted when they get it back in that condition.

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