Service: Revue Rotor King calibre 87

IMG_6921It is rare to find the Revue calibre 87 and when this one showed up I had to get it.

IMG_6924And this is why; the movement is completely different from anything else out there. It has a micro regulator similar to the Revue calibre 81, but that is the only similar feature as the movement had been designed from scratch to be an automatic movement.IMG_6923This one is in good condition, but can do with a service.IMG_6925The auto winder mechanism works on the same principle that Seiko uses where the oval rotor cam engages with a fork that has two fingers that drive the intermediate wheel. One might say its a little over constructed, but I think it is very nice.IMG_6927I take the auto winder apart.IMG_6928Now the auto winder bridge is removed I can see how bad the movement needed a service; there is dirt all over the place!IMG_6929Here you can see the bottom plate before taking it apart. I like how the intermediate hour wheel has holes in it to allow oiling the jewel below it.IMG_6933Here you can see the gear train with the bridge removed.IMG_6935There is a funky wigwag intermediate wheel that engages with the crown wheel and the intermediate auto winder wheel. Considering the amount of dirt I’m amazed the watch was running at all.IMG_6937Here the movement is almost completely taken apart.IMG_6938The mainspring is dirty but in good condition so I will clean and use it again.IMG_7008Here the movement has just been taken out of the cleaning basket and it’s ready to be put back together.IMG_7009I have cleaned and lubricated the old mainspring.IMG_7010I start by putting the balance jewels and seeing that the balance swings freely.IMG_7145The movement comes together without any difficulty.IMG_7147I’m happy to see the movement performs great even with the old mainspring.IMG_7148The auto winder mechanism goes back into place.IMG_7149The dial is not perfect, but has a nice patina.IMG_7150Movement back in the case looking great!IMG_7153I can see how this over constructed and expensive movement did not turn out to be a great commercial hit for Revue, but I would say it is a very cool addition to any watch collection.IMG_7155What a beauty!

5 thoughts on “Service: Revue Rotor King calibre 87

  1. Hi,
    I just love this site.
    I somehow alwaysland up here.
    For the Revue cal. 8, I´ve visited you a couple of times.
    Got one of the December 2019
    As luck wants it to be, exactly 1 year later i got this one for 35 EUR.
    I always wanted one and for that price……great.
    The dial is 95% new. The movement is very dirty. Alot more than this one but it also started running staight away. I´ll still (attempt) a revision.
    It doesnt seem like one has to watch out for any tricky areas..right?
    I also have a place in my heart for Revue.

  2. I have same watch looking to have it taken apart and cleaned same as you did yours. Would you be interested in working another the same? And if so how can i contact you to do this. Best Regards

  3. Very Nice Job. Wish i was capable of taking apart a watch and cleaning it as u did. I have one of these watches that seems to be working fine. Its the same as yours ,but is marked rotor king on the inside of the watch only. And the face has the vertex name on it with nothing else. And as u stated here its a very rare find which i fully believe as yours is the only one Ive been able to find online that is like the one i have. Not sure if mine would be older or newer?.

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