Service: Revue Sport calibre GT 56

Revue GT 56I have had a soft spot for these old Revue Sport watches partly since they have a special design and in-house movements like this little GT 56. The case was a real hassle to open, but luckily Christian managed to open it before he went on holiday.





IMG_0142The movement is not preforming to bad at all considering it is full of particles.
I have not seen this form of shock protection before. Just love that GT logo
Many of the screws are very tightly fastened and I’m happy non of them break as I screw them out.
Old mainspring looks to be in very good condition.
The mainspring cleaned oiled and backs in place.
I have great difficulty getting the pallet cock in place. The lower stem of the pallet is rather long causing the pivot to fall out of the jewel hole with almost no disturbance. After many tries to get it in place I find a solution in balancing the pallet with rodico.
I make sure all the rodico is removed when the pallet cock is in place.
I’m very happy getting such a good result after so much hassle getting the pallet in place.

Not looking to bad!
Revue sport GT 56
The dial is in good condition considering the age of this watch and deserved a new crystal as the old one was cracked. I considered applying new luminous compound to the hands but the old stuff is okay and I like keeping these watches as original as possible.

18 thoughts on “Service: Revue Sport calibre GT 56

    • That’s a long time ago 😉

      We tend to glue a large nut (19mm) to the case back with superglue, let it dry for 4 hours, and then use a 19mm spanner to open it. Works every time.

  1. Hi Mitka

    Forgot to mention. The debris that was in the watch. could this have been lead? I believe that a lead case gasket was used on this watch originally.


  2. Great work! Nice to see some really interesting and affordable watches.

    I have an interest in mechanical watches but I don’t have the budget to be spending more on a watch than my car, so I appreciate seeing these and how nice they clean up. Would be interesting to know if you have a strategy (certain makes or movements you look for) in collecting or are more just picking up timepieces randomly as they come up.

    • Hi Randy,

      I by watches that interest me in one way or another:) I especially like watches that come from lesser known brands like this Revue. If the price is right I get them… I need to sell some of my watches so that I can buy new ones in a deal I made with my girlfriend;)

  3. Loving your work and your choice in watches. Very cool look to them indeed.

    Thanks very much for adding a different, and worthwhile new dimension to the blog. As a basic watch lover I really enjoy seeing your work.


  4. This cleaned up very well! Lovely retro look to it. Can you tell me where it was made and age? No markings on the movement other than “GT” – not even a serial number. I found a Swiss maker “Revue Thommen” but it doesn’t look like theirs.

    • It’s linked to Revue Thommen and you can find out more about the history of the brand on their website, the modern Revue Thommen 30’s model’s design is based on this watch. This watch is probably from some time between late 30’s mid 40’s.

  5. Hi Mitka:

    First, it’s been really interesting following your progress as Christian’s apprentice. It’s nice to see that there are still people getting into watchmaking.

    Just a small note: You’re forgetting to downsize some of your photos in your posts, so on the blog, the articles take forever to load, and when I read them in my RSS feed reader, I only see the very top left corner of each picture.

  6. Some of those old watches even though cheap have great character…really like your revue sport Are you getting all your practice pieces from ebay Mitka…i never see any like what you seem to get except for the hmt.

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