Service Revue sport Centenair: calibre 81.

Revue sport cal 81I bought this watch for the cool movement that lies within.

The watch is fully wound and won’t run, the dial is on the borderline of having too much patina but it looks like it can be cleaned.revue cailbre 81And this is why I love this watch. The caliber 81 has an awesome regulator and a finish that reminds me of Omegas.IMG_0874This movement is seriously dirty!IMG_0983I start off by removing the cap jewels from both sides of the balance.revue cal 81.I remove the balance, ratchet wheel and crown wheelIMG_0986Removing the barrel bridge reveals chunks of dirt and solidified grease.IMG_0990Here you can see all the gears with the wheel bridge removed.IMG_0993On the dial side of the base plate it is really dirty around the setting mechanism.IMG_0989The old mainspring is in fair condition and I clean and oil it.IMG_0876As for the dial I took the risk of cleaning it.IMG_0898The dial looks great with a nice patina that looks like the moons surface, but unfortunately some of the lettering has been damaged in the process.IMG_1002The clean base plate with the barrel back in place.IMG_1003Clean gears back on a clean plate. It’s really satisfying to work on something that looks this good!IMG_1007I’m sorry to say I managed to delete a picture of the movement back together and ticking but here are the timepgraph results that are acceptable for such an old watch.IMG_1008Next I reassemble the winding mechanism.IMG_1010Dial and hands back on the movement, note I have replaced the old second hand with a new one as the old one was too far gone to look any good.IMG_1070Movement back in the case and looking great!IMG_1072I’m putting the Longines aside and testing this baby today. The design and patina on this watch is just great and I can admit to being a Revue fan;)


IMG_4813I really like this watch so I decided to put in a new mainspring adjust the beat error. IMG_4815I have also had the case re-plated.

7 thoughts on “Service Revue sport Centenair: calibre 81.

  1. Hola estoy tratando de quedarme con uno igual ,eb el cual ya tengo hecha la caja y el cuadrante a nuevo,es un Cañonazo este reloj si alguien sabe donde conseguí r repuestos de este Calibre le agradec mucho acá en Argentina no consigo.Muchas Gracias

  2. Nice Mitka. I’d still vote for leaving these dials as they are, though. Real patina is one thing that only time can create — and watches measure time. I say let them do it in more ways than one.

  3. Great looking watch! What size is it? The long lugs make it seem bigger and more modern. A lot of similarities with vintage Omegas for sure.

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