Service: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 15200 calibre 3135

IMG_1320I know you’ve all had your share of Rolex calibre 3135 movements lately, but I still wanted you to see this one. Ian from Sweden sent it in (together with the bumper we’ve seen), and this is the sort of Rolex I would happily wear. Three reasons: Plain bezel, great colour dial, great movement. A bling-free Rolex in good taste!

It needs a service, thought, and I’ll get stuck in…IMG_1323

You have to admit that the dark blue dial looks great!


And off we go … As I’ve shown plenty of 3135’s in all gory detail lately, I will shorten the sequence on this one a bit, also because I got the white balance setting on the camera wrong and the photos aren’t that great.IMG_1336

The mainspring grease has solidified, as you would expect.IMG_1346

Everything taken apart and ready for the cleaning machine.IMG_1348Epilame treatment for the usual suspects. On this movement, the fourth wheel and the reverser wheels are epilame treated on top of the pallet fork, escape wheel, and cap jewels. The escape wheel has capped jewels, too, so there are 4 in the photo.


The barrel wall gets the braking grease treatment.IMG_0129

And a new original Rolex mainspring goes into the barrel – not cheap at £46, considering the generic ones are £14 😉IMG_0134

The movement back together and ticking – let’s see how it’s performing…IMG_0136

I adjust the beat error, and I love the amplitude, but it’s a bit fast.IMG_0137

The adjustment nuts on the balance need to put screwed outwards a bit. I notice that the two opposing screws aren’t out by the same amount, so I screw them down all the way, and then unscrew them step by step so that they are in sync. Otherwise, the balance will be out of poise.IMG_0138

That’s better!IMG_0139

Time for the bottom plate.IMG_0143

The pendant tube gets a new gasket.IMG_0146

And we’re back in business.IMG_0147

Yes, that looks rather nice!IMG_0149A final waterproof testing, and all is well. No pressure loss within one minute.



17 thoughts on “Service: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date 15200 calibre 3135

  1. Hi i am from Singapore. Just want to find out, is rolex 1560 movement reliable and robust? Thanks in advance.

  2. I have exactly the same model but the sapphire crystal is chipped 🙁 How much would it cost me to get it replaced? Is there a way to repair chipped crystal? Mine is D series and its got laser coronet in the sapphire crystal.

    • I’m afraid you will have to go to a Rolex dealer or service centre for your crystal as I won’t be able to get hold of a replacement. You can’t repair them I’m afraid.

  3. Christian,

    Could you do a piece entitled my favourite movements? If one were to buy an oldish Rolex, Omega…, which movements do you recommend, and why? Finish, accuracy, easy to work on, availability of parts…


    • Hmm.. That sounds like opening a sizeable can of worms. People feel quite strongly about movements, and I would rather not get drawn into that. I think it shows quite clearly in my blog when I really like a specific movement. And there aren’t really many that I dislike – well, let’s not talk about fusee pocket watch movements and cylinder escapements 😉

  4. The 3135 is a lovely movement and the good design shines through on the simple but elegant face, Nice colour and hands.
    I wonder why the “bling” bezel Rolex models fetch such high prices ?
    … Ian will have to send an “On the Wrist” photo ……. Could we have a new section (OTW) ??

    Regards Roger

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