Service Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 1601 / Calibre 1570

IMG_2168After working at WatchGuy for over a year, Christian gave me a truly spectacular watch to celebrate the occasion.

The watch movement was supposedly newly serviced, but there are some issues that will needs to be resolved.
IMG_2166Movement looks to be in decent condition.IMG_2169Performance is not to bad but could be better.0522091556The auto winder mechanism is not working and I notice the reverser wheel is cracked.IMG_2167Base movement with auto winder mechanism removed. You can see some pitting on the case.IMG_2170Movement out of the case, hands and dial removed.IMG_2172The date wheel has a massive spring that builds up tension over 24 hours, enabling a super snappy date change. This is not snappy at all and it turns out to be the tube inside the date wheel, which was pressed down too far. I was able to press it back into the correct position so that it is working like it should.IMG_2179The base movement is coming apart nicely.IMG_2180The train bridge removed showing the gear train.IMG_2181Simple and effective hacking lever.IMG_2182As for the resent service the mainspring was not changed or cleaned as there is plenty of old dirt when I open the barrel.0522091311Old balance pivot is a little worn.IMG_2325I change the balance staff. Here I am riveting the new staff in place.IMG_2326Here I’m pressing the hairspring back on the balance staff.IMG_2185I test that the balance swings freely. The balance did not swing as the balance cock was bent downwards to compensate for wear on the old balance staff at one point. So I carefully bend it back to position until the balance moves freely.IMG_2183New mainspring in the barrel.IMG_2186Base movement coming together.

IMG_2388Base movement back in the case and ticking strongly.IMG_2187Dial side coming together. IMG_2387I apply new luminous compound to the hands and dial as the old compound is crumbling.IMG_2385Now that’s what a 1570 should look like.IMG_2389I put the auto winder mechanism back together with a NOS reverser wheel and it still does not wind.IMG_2396The culprit was not the reverser wheel but the auto driving wheel. It is come loose in the riveting.IMG_2397With a new auto driving wheel the auto winder is working as it should again.IMG_2399I’m not that crazy about the ondulated bezel ring and replace it with a plain one that suits my simple taste;)IMG_1988The watch fits perfectly on my wrist, as it is not too chunky! The watch keeps time, is water tight and I have now been wearing it every day since I got it! Thanks to Christian and watchguy I now have the best job and watch in the world!:)

27 thoughts on “Service Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 1601 / Calibre 1570

  1. Mitka,

    Nice work. I’ve been working on a similar project and like the bezel change. How difficult is it to remove a Datejust bezel?

  2. I may be two years late on this, but that’s a fine watch there Mitka. Wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary and an exceptional repair too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Congratulations Mitka!
    The watch came out looking fantastic. I agree with the bezel swap as well.
    Great work on the movement also:-)
    But then again I wouldn’t expect anything else.

  4. Wooaahh!

    Would there be a more fitting gift?

    I also prefer the bezel you have changed for. I think I may well show my employer this page!

    A gift of appreciation is a special gift indeed.

  5. Any reason for using the oversize gloves? I would have thought correctly fitting nitrile gloves would allow greater dexterity?

  6. Cracking work Mitka! Yet again you and Christian demonstrate why you’re simply the best watch guys around.

  7. Mitka, you are a lucky chap to have Christian as your boss! After 21 years of service
    I got a Tissot 1853 Quartz watch.Congratulations on your brilliant work.

  8. Congratulations on the watch. I like the plain bezel better than the coin-edge. It looks great on your wrist.

  9. Very well deserved. Now that’s what I call quality.
    Love the new bezel it just takes an already lovely watch up a notch.

  10. Congratulations Mitka! From what I can see, you’ve come a long way since starting with Christian, and the watch is well-earned (but like ConElPueblo above, I at first also thought that the present was being allowed to service this one, which would be quite an honour in itself). I agree about the bezel, especially when the fluted bezel is old and worn. How big is this watch? 34mm? 36mm?

  11. Wow, what a fantastic present! I started out thinking that the present consisted of you getting permission to service the watch, not actually getting it! Congratulations to you 🙂

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