Service: Rolex Oysterdate Precision 6694 calibre 1225

Fergus from Cambridge sent me his Rolex Oysterdate. The dial looks a bit tired, the amplitude is low, and there is a bit of a beat error – all indications that it’s time for a service.

It’s a 6694, from the era when Rolex was still making beautiful watches 😉

I spent the weekend in Upton at the BHI to attend a seminar on Quartz watches, and I’m not sure I’m any more inclined than before to do quartz watches… Good fun, though, and it was great to meet the two Allans, Jacob, Doug and Mervyn!

Time for a service.

Looks good, just the screws that hold the movement in the case ring are rusty.

You can see the damage to the dial around 10 o’clock. The dial was bent down and the paint broke off. I pack it and send it off to David Bill & Sons for restoration.

The date ring has some water and rust damage as well, but that will hardly be visible. Also, I can’t find anyone who has the lettering to restore it.

The bottom plate looks good, too – just a bit of dirt and rust around the set lever and set lever spring.

The cannon pinion and centre wheel show a bit of oxidization.

Taking the top plate apart.

The mainspring and barrel.

Now that’s a bad looking mainspring. All warped and bent in different directions.

All the parts ready for the cleaning machine, with the balance jewels removed and the balance back on the plate.

I managed to get hold of an original Rolex mainspring.

That new mainspring looks a lot better in the barrel than the old one.

Putting the movement back together.

That’s looking pretty good 😉

Bottom plate ready.

Now I can press on the wheel driving the second hand arbor.

A very pretty looking movement.

The restored dial has arrived, and I can case the movement.

The case back gets a new gasket.

I’m very happy with the way the watch is looking and performing.


20 thoughts on “Service: Rolex Oysterdate Precision 6694 calibre 1225

  1. I have just received a Rolex 1225 for service, requires a mainspring looking forward to working on it hopefully I can get a mainspring for the watch

  2. Great post!

    I just picked on of these up. 🙂

    Question… I notice the stamped ‘UNADJUSTED’ in your pictures here:

    Looking around online, it looks like a vast majority of 1225’s do NOT have this stamped, while a select few I’ve seen do.

    The one I bought DOES have it stamped, and I was just curious if you knew anything about that? Does it depend on when it was produced, maybe? Any idea why it’s missing from a lot of 1225’s?

    Thanks for the great content!

  3. That dial restoration looks wrong. The fonts are incorrect and they even put a space between Oyster and Date! The original damaged one looked far better imo.

  4. Hi,

    I have this watch I was passed on from my grandad.

    What type of strap does this watch have, I want to make mine a bit smaller but it does not look like a DIY job, it looks like the parts are folded down to keep each link in place.

    Would be good to know what type of strap this is, what its called and where I can get a strap like this adjusted


  5. Hi

    I desperately need help finding the following parts for a rolex 1210
    movement,( model with calender wheel), BUT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE PARTS

    1.Pallet change wheel pinion wheel
    5.sweep seconds wheel
    6. back cover for case even a generic will do for now!

    Kind Regards
    A1 Pawnbrokers

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