Service: Small French Pocket Watch (34mm)

Here we have a nice little French pocket watch – the diameter of the watch without crown is 34mm.

Is is a bit dirty and needs some attention …

A serial number - 46493

The movement - 15 jewels and a lot of dirt

Apart from the dirt, the enameled face is in great shape - no cracks, no dints

starting to take apart the movement ...

Balance wheel with balance cock, pallets with pallet cock

The barrel bridge with click and click spring - most parts are marked with 3 strokes

Bottom plate with setting mechanism and markings - *6*93 1961 10

wheel bridge removed

top plate

bottom plate

The parts coming out of the cleaning solution

lined up and dry

that looks better!

starting the assembly

wheels going into place

carefully placing the wheel bridge. I use a pegwood stick to nudge the wheels into their jewels

oiling ...

checking that the pallets are properly in place before tightening the pallet bridge

bottom plate assembled

and the balance and balance cock back into place

dial and hands on, movement back into its case

ticking nicely

Service done. This is a very cute pocket watch with a great dial!

Now I will regulate the watch over the next couple of days and see how well it performs.

I really wonder when this watch was made – I think I will completely ignore the “1961” on the plate – that has to be a number that is not date related.

What strikes me is that the case number (46493) and the markings on the plate (*6*93) both contain “93” – so my guess is that the movement was made in 1893. Or am I completely barking up the wrong tree here?

Any help in dating / identifying this watch are greatly appreciated!

3 thoughts on “Service: Small French Pocket Watch (34mm)

    • I speak German, so no problem – thanks for the link.

      Yes, I use an USB microscope that I got off amazon for £50 – it’s the Celestron handheld microscope.

      Using that table, the watch dates from between 1890 – 1930. That narrows it down quite a bit, thanks!

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