Service: Stowa / AS984

This lovely Stowa was sent in by Caleb from Australia. It has an AS 984 movement, and that classic “Bauhaus” look that it shares with the Nomos Tangente.

The case is a bit battered, and there is some dirt, but let’s see what we can do…

A lovely movement, with a separate cock for the escape wheel. No shock protection, so this is an earlier version.

The case back is perlage decorated.

A 15 jewel movement with sub-second.

In order to be able to clean the jewels, I take the balance cock apart.

Escape wheel cock and wheel bridge removed.

The barrel bridge.

Taking the bottom plate apart.

After going through the cleaning machine, I store the parts in a dust proof container awaiting the new mainspring.

Which arrived today – so I start off by putting the new mainspring into the barrel.

I start with the barrel bridge, and then put the wheels in.

I oil the cap jewel and put the balance cock back together.

Top plate complete, and the balance is moving already. Everything nice and clean.

Now for the bottom plate. Note the minute markers at 8 o’clock – this is so you can put a minute hand on and check the movement without having to put the dial on.

The hour hand is to loose, and I tighten it a bit with the staking set.

The dial has typical damage from people removing hands without the appropriate tools … but for the age of the watch, the dial is quite good.

A lovely dress watch worn with a nice black leather strap.

12 thoughts on “Service: Stowa / AS984

  1. Hello
    Which way does the screw on the barrel undo. I am reluctant to put too much pressure on it in case it is a right hand thread.
    Cheers Andy

  2. This may be a stupid question, but how did you get the movement out of the case. I picked up a similar stowa and pulled the crown as usual, and the movement is now free spinning in the case, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to remove it.

  3. Hi, thanks for the post! Very helpful. May I ask you where you ordered the new mainspring? I have a watch with the same movement (AS984) and broken spring… Many thanks. M.

  4. Thank you for another interesting “pictorial lesson”. How does the staking work to tighten a hole?
    Cheers again

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