Service: Heuer Stop Watch C35700

IMG_0260This is a very unusual piece, and Michael gave it to me for a service, as it didn’t reset properly to 0, and sometimes stopped when running. You can see that the minute recorder (the red hand) hasn’t re-set to 0.

Michael bought this stop watch at Zurich Airport probably 40 or so years ago, as he was involved in car racing.IMG_0261

A closer look… The second recorder hand turns once every 10 seconds, and the movement beats at 36,000 b.p.h., so the stop watch can accurately time 1/10s.IMG_0262

The case back with the reference number C35700.IMG_0263

The top plate of the movement. Only the balance is jewelled.IMG_0574

The bottom plate with the chronograph mechanism. The hammers to reset the second and minute recorder to 0 have pretty impressive spring, and you wouldn’t want to stand in the way of them 😉IMG_0575

The movement looks pristine. No wonder, as Michael has owned the stop watch from new.IMG_0576

The balance with hairspring.IMG_0577

The pallet fork staff isn’t jewelled, either.IMG_0583

The gear train.IMG_0584

That’s a mainspring and a half!IMG_0586

Now I can take the chronograph bits apart.IMG_0588

There is a lot of solidified grease, and that’s what made the watch work properly.IMG_0592

More solidified grease on the column wheel.IMG_0601

Hour and minute recorders.


I give the movement 15 minutes in the cleaning machine to get rid of all the solidified grease.IMG_1141

I start reassembly with the barrel and gear train.IMG_1142

The base movement is beating again, and I can now put together the chronograph.IMG_1144

The movement looks great – clean lines, nice finishes.IMG_1145

I start with the bottom plate.IMG_1146

The hammers are back in place.IMG_1148

The chronograph is complete.IMG_1149

Now I can put the dial ring on.IMG_1150

Time to case the movement.IMG_1151This is a great little stop watch, and probably a very desirable piece for stop watch collectors. It’s great how fast the second hand runs – one turn every 10 seconds. And you can hear the 100 ticks for those 10 seconds very clearly.

As requested, I’ve added a video showing the stop watch in action:


10 thoughts on “Service: Heuer Stop Watch C35700

  1. Hello!
    I realize it is a stupid question: are you sure it is a 36000 bph? It sure sounds a lot faster 🙂

    Thank you,

    • You are of course right! Thanks for pointing out my mistake, I have now corrected it.
      That’s what good marketing does – the name “TAG Heuer” is etched into my brain 😉

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