Service: Tarzan Sea-Commander

Tarzan watch I bought this watch of the web. Besides the awesome name this doesn’t look to promising considering the condition of the dial and missing second hand… Looks like this watch has been aquarium decoration before I bought it.
IMG_0117What a pleasant surprise!  ETA cal: 1100 with a swan neck regulator.
The balance is swinging and a quick look at the timegrapher tells us what we already know.
IMG_0118Plenty of jewels in this movement.
IMG_0119Very nice construction of the winding click spring that is easy to get in place.
IMG_0120There are some scars on and around the screws, but nothing to bad.
The mainspring looks pretty good and I will reuse that after a clean and lubrication.
What you’d expect from an ETA movement.
I didn’t notice I was missing the yoke but after looking around systematically I found it the cleaning basket.
There is a hairline crack in the setting leaver. Since I’m going on a budget and it is not a watch I’m going to sell I’m not replacing it for now.
Back in the case and looking great. I just love that swan neck regulator!
The dial cleaned up very well and looks great with a new crystal! The watch was missing a second hand and the only replacement I can find now in chrome is a little short, but will work for now.

Update on the Tarzan.

As the setting lever spring eventually broke I decided this watch was worth a little extra effort as it is a real Sea Commander! I have now got a new sweep second wheel, setting lever spring, mainspring and the correct size second hand. I have also applied new white luminous compound to the hands.Tarzan Sea Commander 2A new mainspring made a big difference! Tarzan Sea Commander No doubt this is one will remain in my personal collection!;)

18 thoughts on “Service: Tarzan Sea-Commander

  1. Hi I own a Tarzan Sea Commander Grand Prix wristwatch but know nothing about vintage watches… it’s in lovely condition and has a very nice gold tone spring loaded metal band… is it valuable and does anyone have any info they can share with me?… kind regards… Gigi (Perth, Australia)

  2. i own a tarzan divemaster deep sea 600ft in near to mint condition but cannot find any info on it. And sush a great job on the resto on yours would be a dream to own in any collection. If my email does not work please link if you wish to my Face book if you wish. vince Calcopietro Sydney Australia.

  3. Hi!
    i just found a Tarzan Sea Commander Grand Prix when i was at my parents house this christmas… My father said i could take it with me thou it didnt work. It is in kind of bad shape and in need of repair…. Anyone who knows where to get this fixed?
    I live in Sweden dy the way……

  4. Good job Mitka, isn’t it amazing how well some dials can clean up, even when you would think they are beyond the point of no return!

    Personally, I only use warm water on a cotton bud, or extremely diluted washing up liquid, what about yourself?

    • I went over the dial with peg wood and a tiny bit of water. Very tricky around the writing as it comes of for almost nothing. the crystal was discoloured and I put on a new crystal;)

  5. Swan neck seems to be rather rare on these – I cant find any other photos of the 1100 online that includes one! In fact, I guess they are pretty rare on any 18,000a/h movement?

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