Service: Tevo/UT6325

IMG_0386I had never heard about this brand before but it has a nice big 36mm case and a really nice sunburst dial.

IMG_0388The movement is clean and nice but the watch is hardly tickingIMG_0391No doubt that this watch is in great shape IMG_0392The third wheel pivot and gear is totally covered in solidified old grease and dirt.IMG_0395The old mainspring is broken and I replace it with a new one.IMG_0416The movement is back together and ready for the TimegrapherIMG_0417After some little adjusting I get a great result.IMG_0419Movement back in the caseTevosThe subsecond gives a cool vintage feel. (unfortunately 3 of the luminous dots fell off) I’m up for selling if anyone is interested.


9 thoughts on “Service: Tevo/UT6325

  1. Tevo built alot of Bucherer watches, Bucherer runs the world famous Rolex store in Switzerland and has since the beginning. They must make a decent watch.

  2. Wonderful site,

    I like the concept. No expert on watches myself, but I like a good design. Got to this site after almost buying a very elegant watch from India on Ebay… Pity.

    How much is this watch, the Tevo described here?

    Thank you, Peter

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