Service: Timor / Peseux 190

IMG_2165A typical military watch, this Timor, with lots of lume so you can read the time in the dark. The hour hand has lost its luminous compound, though, so that needs to be replaced, and the movement needs a service.

Daniel sent it in for an overhaul.410-01

We both first think that the hour hand lume has fallen off and lodged itself at the bottom of the dial, but that is not the case. This slightly unusual luminous compound application marks the bottom of the dial at night.IMG_2166

The military engravings on the case back.IMG_2167

The Peseux 190 movement with 15 jewels.IMG_2309

The bottom plate with the calibre mark and a little minute dial section that allows you to test the movement without putting a dial on.IMG_2316

The gear train – a very standard movement.IMG_2330

A new mainspring for the barrel.IMG_2333

The movement is back together and lubricated, and it’s time for adjusting. The hairspring stud position in the cock is fixed, so the beat error can only be adjusted on the collet.IMG_2334

Good amplitude, but the beat error is too high.IMG_2335

I carefully hold the balance between my fingers, covered by a sheet of watch paper, and slightly turn the collet. In order to determine how far and in which direction to turn, I have let down the power, and observed the resting position of the balance, and the resting position of the pallet fork. I then turn the balance from its resting position until the pallet fork is completely straight, and that tells me how far and in which direction to turn.IMG_2337

I’m happy with that. Very nice performance for a movement this age!IMG_2717

David Bill and Sons has re-applied luminous compound to the dial and the hands.IMG_2719

Back in its case, and with a new crystal, looking very nice again!

2 thoughts on “Service: Timor / Peseux 190

  1. Very nice watch. World War 2 British Army watch; A.T.P. means ‘Army Trade Pattern’, and these were ordered from 17 different Swiss suppliers, mostly with 15 jewel movements, of which one was Timor.

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