Service: Tissot Seastar calibre 2481

This Tissot Seastar also belongs to Michael. He bought it and it was DOA. Only one thing for it …

There is a fair amount of dirt in here, and that’s good enough of a reason for the watch not to work.

This is the calibre 2481, with the first incarnation of the quick-set date which requires pushing the crown in. The quick-set mechanism was modified in subsequent versions, and doesn’t work that well on the 2481.

There is dirt throughout, and it’s probably been some time since this movement has seen a service.

No rust or obvious damage. I’ve removed the balance jewels, and work my way through the bottom plate.

After all the parts have gone through the watch cleaner, I reassemble the movement again.

Top plate done, and the balance is swinging.

Only half wound, this is looking very good!

Starting on the bottom plate, I notice that a leaf of the cannon pinion is missing. Time to order a new one …

Now I can reassemble the bottom plate.

Bottom plate complete bar the hour wheel.

The movement goes back into the case.

The case back gets a new gasket.

With new case screws (the old ones were missing), I put in the auto-winder assembly and close the case.

Final check on the timegrapher – I’m happy with that!

8 thoughts on “Service: Tissot Seastar calibre 2481

  1. I was given a Tissot seastar with a 2481 movement (when I was a teenager) which I dropped and broke the quick change date function a couple of years after I was given the watch. I have had the watch serviced and repaired at least 4 since since then (the last repair was a week ago). Each time I get the watch repaired/serviced I am always told its impossible to repair the quick date function. I was just wondering why it is so difficult to repair the date function on this watch.

  2. Tenho um tissot 2481 e a mola que avança o calendário manualmente está partida poderiam informar onde encontro uma.ou qual a referência da mesma.

  3. Good morning Christian,
    I have 2 2481 for repair at the moment. I have just one question. One model is a one piece case with a pull out crown and stem. Would the winding pinions be identical?
    Kind Regards
    Don Clark

  4. Very nice job! I have a 70s Seastar myself with this same movement – it could probably do with such a service too, since there are some signs of dirt in mine as far as I can tell with my relatively inexperienced eyes… but it’s a really fun watch!

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