Service: Tissot SeaStar DayDate calibre 2571

Richard sent in this lovely Tissot Seastar. I love the dial colour and design. It itsn’t running properly, and he can’t wind and set it properly.

The crystal is a bit scratched and tired as well, and could do with replacing.

With a bit of luck, a service will sort this out.

The timegrapher confirms that this watch is not well – it can’t even capture the amplitude and beat error.

There is no gasket, but the movement isn’t too dirty.

I start off with the bottom plate.

Lots of springs that want to jump out!

Finally, the bottom plate is cleared and I can turn the movement around.

Auto winder removed.

You can see that the hairspring is deformed, which doesn’t help. Got to sort that out!

That looks better.

The movement taken apart and ready for the cleaning machine.

Now I turn my attention to the case, which does need a bit of cleaning 😉

Case cleaned, new crystal pressed in, bezel back in place. Very happy with the look of that!

With a new mainspring, I put the movement back together.

Then it’s time for the bottom plate.

The bottom plate on this watch is quite fiddly to put together – lots of springs that don’t want to stay in place.

The lovely dial goes back on, and I press the hands on.

I case the movement and put the auto winder back on.

Then I adjust the beat error and beat rate – looking good!

With the new crystal and a bit of polishing of the hands, we are back to former glory.

Lovely watch with a lovely dial!


14 thoughts on “Service: Tissot SeaStar DayDate calibre 2571

  1. I have this same Tissot with ETA 2571. Movement is super clean to my eyes. # is 148599 23. Dial has ‘T’ Tissot Swiss. Day /Date is a problem. I can’t seem to set it correctly. Day /Date change just fine when running. Advancing time manually works great also but I can not set date independently. There seems to be only 1 position when crown is pulled. Is there a secret handshake or do I need someone like you to fix it? OBTW it keeps great time. I’m lucky to have found this site.

  2. Hi nice work! I really enjoy reading and learning!! Now to the question, i have a similar seastar from 1972 that i purchased a while ago and the acrylic crystal just fell out, there was no tension ring glass installed and i think its the wrong type. What type of crystal should it be?? It looks exactly the same as your watch with the thin bezel ring and deep bezel! Best regards Johan

  3. Wow… just wow…

    This is my watch and I am thrilled at how it has come out – and the turnaround speed! Christian only received it 2 days ago 😉

    I have no real attachment to this watch and was getting it repaired with a view to maybe just selling it… but now I am thinking to buy a nice strap and keeping it!

    • I meant to ask… I could understand if the Day wheel went MTWTFSSMTWTFSS, but cant see the benefit in having it go MMTTWWTTFFSSSS..?

      • On this particular watch, the day wheel turns 1/14 every 12 hours. So at noon, it jumps from Monday to Monday, and, at midnight, from Monday to Tuesday. The next noon, it jumps from Tuesday to Tuesday, and so on.

        On Omega watches, the day wheel is as you suggested, and turn 1/14th every 24 hours.


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