Service: Tudor / AS1187

IMG_3300Matthew sent this lovely Tudor in for a service. The luminous compound on the hands is a bit brittle and has come off in places, but the case and dial are in very good condition.IMG_3301

The 9 carat gold case was made by Dennison in the UK.IMG_3302

You can see where the luminous compound has come off the minute hand.IMG_3305

Having removed the old compound, I apply new white compound.IMG_3306

The movement is an AS1187. Tudor uses standard Swiss movements, rather than Rolex movements, to make a clear distinction between the two brands. IMG_3308

The escape wheel has a bottom cap jewel (the top isn’t capped).IMG_3320

The balance isn’t shock proof, but has fixed jewels.IMG_3321

And we’re ready for the cleaning machine. Even though the mainspring is in there, I found a new one that is close enough to the original – a 1.6 x 0.105 x 300 x 8.5.IMG_3366

And here it is going into the barrel.IMG_3368

The base movement is back together, and the balance is swinging very nicely.IMG_3371

Not bad considering the age of the movement!IMG_3374

With a new black strap, the watch is looking great again. I love that dial…

4 thoughts on “Service: Tudor / AS1187

  1. Tudor made some lovely watches… and still make nicer ones than their parent company! I do prefer their old logo to the new one that looks not unlike Bart Simpson IMHO…

    Is replacing lume on hands a difficult task?

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