Service: Universal Polerouter Geneve calibre 218.9

IMG_9173Magnus from Sweden sent this one in – a great looking Universal Polerouter. The hands probably aren’t original, as they are a bit on the small side, but the dial and case are in great condition.IMG_9172

This doesn’t look too great, so it definitely is time for a service.IMG_9175

You got to love this movement – great finishes, and a micro rotor!IMG_9178

That is just a gorgeous movement.IMG_9180

The micro rotor with the winding gears.IMG_9182

The wheel train.IMG_9184

The two wheels on top of the barrel arbour have a ratchet mechanism that lets the manual winder work independently of the automatic winder.IMG_9186

This intermediate wheel moves the gear train and balance over a bit to make room for the rotor.IMG_9187

Mainspring barrel.IMG_9190

The bottom plate is quite simple. Note that the escape jewels are capped.IMG_9276


All ready for reassembly.IMG_9279

The gear train is back together.IMG_9280

The auto winder gears sit under the micro rotor.IMG_9281

Ready to put the rotor weight back in.IMG_9282

And the movement is beating again.IMG_9329

Dial and hands are back on.IMG_9330

And the movement is cased.IMG_9331

Not bad considering what it looked like before!IMG_9332


A fine looking watch with a fine looking movement.

20 thoughts on “Service: Universal Polerouter Geneve calibre 218.9

  1. Hi, my microtor watch does not have amplitude after service, mainspring is serviced with new grease but the watch does not have power.

  2. Thanks for the breakdown. I have a 218-2 that’s giving me problems. The rotor would turn, but the gear from the rotor would wind the main spring like 15 degrees and then slips. I don’t have the skills and tools to take it apart. But what might be the underlying problem?
    Also, do you have the gasket size for the caseback? Diameter and thickness? Thank you! Hope you still remember the details since it has been a few years since this post.

  3. I really like that movement!
    I have one watch that looks very much like this one. (69 – movement)
    I hope it is ok for me to ask a question about the movement as mine is giving me problems.
    It runs quite well, but there is a “delay” in movement of the minute and hour hands.
    What I mean is that when I change time with the crown I can see the hand for the seconds is moving, but both minute and hour hand are standing still for approximately 20 – 40 minutes before they start to move. After that the watch keeps time rather ok. It also seems as the watch slows down a bit when its time for the date to shift (but I am not sure about that).
    Is this a common problem, and is it something that can be fixed easily (cleaning and lubricating) or do I need new spare parts?
    Thanking you in advance

  4. Wow, what a beautiful movement. Even the uninitiated could tell that is a high end movement – it positively glows with quality.

  5. Sorry!!!! Another question…..and a perfect example of a problem I’m having with a similar movement.

    When it comes to putting the gear train back together how do you manage to get all the pinions in the jewels when adding the top plate?

    I often find that one or two will sit with a bit of encouragement but then I struggle getting the last pinion into place. As the plate coveres the gear wheels it’s hard to maneuver.

    Any advice would be welcome.

    Best regards


    • Hi Nick,

      What I find works best is to apply a minimal amount of pressure to the plate with a piece of pegwood, and then to move the pinions one by one into position with a pair of tweezers, moving away from the point where you apply the pressure. When I mean minimal, I mean minimal 😉

      • Thanks ever so much for that. I’m looking to do the distance learning course myself…..just saving the pennies!!!

        Thanks again

  6. I wish I had your expert skills and knowledge. Are you completely self taught or did you study at a school of horology?

    • I took the BHI distance learning course, and, at the same time, had tuition from a local watchmaker. Then a lot of reading, and, above all, practice until the cows come home 😉

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