Service: Vehns ESA 9183

IMG_5733Torsten has sent us this funky looking watch. The movement is from the first generation of mass produced ESA/ETA quartz movements. It runs, but drains the battery within hours.

IMG_5734The movement looks very nice for a quartz watch.IMG_5738I remove the circuit board first so not to damage it.IMG_5739I now focus on the dial side, as I do not want to damage the day and date wheels.IMG_5740I remove the plate that holds the day disk and hour wheel in place.IMG_5741The movement does not look that dirty, but at closer inspection there is some dirt lying around.IMG_5742Here I have removed the plate that holds the date ring in place. Iā€™m extra carful when handling the plastic parts as they are 40+ years old and I do not know how delicate they are!IMG_5745I now remove the setting mechanism.IMG_5747The date driving wheel is damaged and I will have to order a new one.IMG_5748The cap jewel is very dirty and is definitely contributing to the massive power consumption.IMG_5750Here I have removed the cap jewel and the top pivot of the rotor is completely gunked up.IMG_5751Here you can see the rotor and coil setup next to each other.IMG_5753Now time to remove the rest of the gear train.IMG_5754The Train plate removed revealing the gear train.IMG_5755The largest quartz rotor I have ever seen.IMG_5765Everything has been cleaned and is ready to put back together. Note I have not run the plastic pats thought the cleaning machine, as I do not want to expose them to the cleaning chemicals, The same goes for the rotor that is magnetic and would collect any metallic fragment it gets in contact with.IMG_5789I start by putting the gear train back together.IMG_5790I then put the setting mechanism back in place.IMG_5792The date mechanism back in place.IMG_5793I now put the plastic frame back on the movement.IMG_5794And last but not least put the circuit board in place.IMG_5860I have put the clean movement back in the case.IMG_5861Just got to love that giant quartz crystal on the dial and the 70ā€™s dial design. Now ticking as it should;)

8 thoughts on “Service: Vehns ESA 9183

  1. Hello,
    do I have to consider something special when assembling the calendar?
    Have a get to repair.
    In this the Day Date Driving Wheel (2555) was broken (broken spring).
    There was someone else before. Maybe he did that wrong before. I do not want to make the same mistake. I ordered the part at new.
    According to my observations, everything meshes together at the switching point.
    If something does not fit, the same thing could happen again.
    You have already done that. Clear up me.

  2. Hello. Where are You found The parts of this watch? I need of complete circuit. Where can I find it? Thanks.

  3. Nice quartz movement! I didn’t realize that you were also working on quartz movements, or is it only on special ones?

  4. Very cool watch! Comparing this movement to present-day quartz movements shows the evolution of these movements. Very interesting.


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