Service: Wostok caliber 2414 A SU

Wostok cal 2414 A SUThis watch is in excellent condition with truly a glamorous design from our comrades in the east.

IMG_0167The movement is dry and I’m looking forward to see how it preforms after a service.
IMG_0169This movement is all about function and finish is second priority IMG_0171
This looks very clean with almost no dirt.IMG_0174
Old mainspring is in very good condition and will go back after being cleaned and lubricated.
IMG_0177 This watch preforms excellent.IMG_0168
I have some problems figuring out how the calendar jumper spring goes in place, but after some tinkering I realise it goes in place after the calendar cover is screwed in place.
IMG_0190The movement is back in its case and looking good.
IMG_0166I remove the hands several times before getting the date to change at midnight. This job was a little frustrating, as the hands are made of a really soft alloy and will bend by almost nothing. But luckily I manage to get the hands on in the correct position. Back in it’s case making it shine like the red star of the USSR.

6 thoughts on “Service: Wostok caliber 2414 A SU

  1. Hello!

    I opened today a Wostok 2214 (date, centre second) and I had a surprise when I found a “double” third wheel! I searched the service manual and there it was, part 211 – double third wheel and pinion.
    Do you know, by any chance, why did they use a double wheel? And for the cleaning, I suppose I have to take them apart those two wheels, don’t I?
    Thank you!

  2. Mitka,
    That is a funky beast. It is great to see some Russian watches being worked on. For mainly selfish reasons :-).

    I have a Raketa with the 2609 movement that will need some TLC later this year.

    Cheers, Torsten

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