So what do I do with my watch in the meantime?

Easy peasy – if you want your Omega serviced or fixed, there is nobody I can recommend more than Al from Archerwatches – go to his web site and take it from there. He is super nice, and, as all good watchmakers, he’s got a bit of a waiting list, but it’s well worthwhile.

For all other watches, pick a BHI certificed watchmaker from this list and off you go. I don’t know of anyone crazy enough to take on replicas, so just bin them in the meantime 😉

Thank you everyone for all the kind words, it is very much appreciated indeed.

3 thoughts on “So what do I do with my watch in the meantime?

  1. Best contact Rado direct via their web site, and ask for details of their UK based service centre, if they have one. The details may even be listed on the web site.

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