Sometimes it’s worth to check …

In case you didn’t know, we offer a “buy with confidence” service.

At times, this can come in handy, as one of our clients found out. He bought a very nice looking Omega Constellation, with a stellar description by the seller.

Let’s see what’s inside.

On first sight, this looks quite good.

Performance is quite alright as well – this isn’t a new ETA movement.

Some odd spots on the dial …

And some strange deterioration of the varnish.

Look closely, and you will see that the black line doesn’t quite go through the middle of the star.

The luminous compound has been replace at one point, and the job wasn’t done that well.

The regulator looks very nice – no rust there.


The crown gasket has deteriorated.

Some of the gasket is on the pendant tube.

As already suspected, the dial has definitely been restored at one point.

The dial has been glued into place with double-sided sticky tape.

Overall, it depends on what was paid if the watch was worth the money. My client wanted a watch in good, original condition, and it was described as such by the seller, and that is where the problem is.

If it would have been sold as not original, with a restored dial, and broken off dial feet, there would be no reason to return it. But as none of this was mentioned, I advise my client to return the watch. I think money well spent for the inspection.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s worth to check …

  1. Christian was kind enough to offer me a similar service. I had bought a watch with a 14 day money back guarantee online and had become suspicious about some marks on the date wheel. I contacted Christian and he agreed to take a look. I sent it to him special delivery, he opened it up on the day he got it, discovered rust inside and sent it straight back (with a photos and a brief report). Needless to say I sent the watch back and saved myself £2.5k. Amazing service from Christian and his team.
    I feel lucky to have found someone in watches I can trust. Thanks so much. Chris James

  2. I really like to read your articles about watches, your detail description was helpful for me to learn more about watches, especially vintage watches. I also more careful to buy a watch. Thanks a lot

  3. I lost a case one time over a vintage camera lens. It was listed in good working order. But after testing it I discovered that the aperture assembly was missing. And when I took it apart to take photos and prove that the parts were missing. EBay sided with the seller claiming that since I took the lens apart, they can not guarantee that it is in the same condition it was when I received it. This seems like a great service, I guess being a 3rd party service it keeps eBay from siding with the seller.

  4. I was the purchaser of this watch from Ebay. I can highly recommend this service to anyone buying a watch on Ebay or a similar site. I have used it before as well, although on both those ocassions all was as it should have been.

    I have used the photos and Christian’s assessment of this watch to start a claim for a refund. As has been noted above, it is money well spent as I paid for a watch described being in original and excellent condition – which it was not.

    Thank you Christian.

  5. Hey Christian – You, your team and your business are truly among the best assets for the watch community. Thank you for everything!

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