Teardown + Service: Hamilton Fontainebleau B64048-4 / ETA 2452

Two ETA 24xx movments in one day – first the Glycine Compressor, and now Constantine’s Hamilton Fontainebleau!

Two very different watches, but with a very similar movement.

Hamilton wasn’t quite as honest about the use of ETA movements, and stamped them with their own inititals – there is no trace on the movement giving away that it’s an ETA.

The case opens by turning the ring 1/4 of a turn.

It takes a bit of jiggling to get the movement out of the case back, as the winding stem is split, but doesn’t want to come apart easily.

Having removed the dial, you get a clear view of the bottom plate and the date changer.

You can see quite a bit of oxidization on the barrel. The centre wheel sits on the bottom plate rather than on the top plate.

Top plate with the auto-winder removed.

The balance assembly.

The gear train with the wheel bridge removed.

Yes, that barrel will need some cleaning up and polishing!

I open up the shock spring and remove the balance jewel block from the plate.

I do the same to the top jewel block that sits in the balance cock.

With the jewels removed, the balance sits between the plate and the cock, and is so protected from damage when going into the ultrasonic cleaner.

Once the new mainspring has arrived, I will put the watch back together.


7 thoughts on “Teardown + Service: Hamilton Fontainebleau B64048-4 / ETA 2452

  1. Hi WatchGuy.,
    A few years ago when I was getting surgery for Cancer you serviced my Hamilton Fountainebleau that I have owned since new in 1970.
    Just to let you know I never did pop off and my Hamilton has been used regularly since you serviced it. Still working perfectly and looks as good as it did after you serviced it.
    Thanks for everything.
    Glenn ( from Livingston, Scotland )

  2. Hello,
    I was wondering if you could help a fellow tech out with a Hamilton 64(eta 2452)movement who’s hands are not advancing. This has a strange cannon gear configuration because of the floating center gear that is throwing me off. Does the cannon gear snap into place to the center gear? Is it supposed to be tight fitting to the center shaft like it would be on a normal center wheel? I am really at a loss here and any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

  3. I own this exact watch, do you have any idea of the value? Good conditon. Less scratch on crystal. Tells time perfect.

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