Technical Instructions / service manuals

Thanks to George, my tutor, I got hold of a whole stack of technical instructions. Half of them are Omega, and the other half a mixture of Swiss manufacturers, such as ESA, ETA, Le Landeron, Venus, etc.

I could of course flog pdfs of the lot on eBay, but I think information like this should be as widely shared as possible, so I will start posting them here.

First, the Omega stuff:

Omega 245

Omega 690

Omega 620

Omega 610

Omega 591

Omega 580

Omega 561

Omega 551

Omega 540

Repairing Omega self-winding watches (bumper)

Omega – The monocoque case for the new Seamaster

Omega have adopted the screwless balance

And then the non-Omega – some quite interesting stuff in here, too:

AS 1361

AS 1382 1395 1396 1402

ESA 9000 9001

ETA 1256

Felsa 690

Felsa 692 693 694

Le Landeron 148

Le Landeron 185 186

Le Landeron 4751

Le Landeron 4750

Le Landeron 48

Smiths 0104

Valjoux 72 72c 88

Valjoux VZ23

Venus 188

Venus 211

Venus 230

I hope you will find these useful – I surely do!

25 thoughts on “Technical Instructions / service manuals

  1. Hi Christian, you don’t happen to have a service booklet for an omega cal 601 or advice on lubrication. Thanks chris

  2. Do you know if they made any technical instructions for Venus Cal 200 or at least a parts list for them? Thanks for your time.

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  4. Hello!
    I would like to ask, if I may, for another tech sheet: Zenith 1730, 1731 or 1733.
    Thank you very much!

  5. These are simply wonderful. Thanks for the post. I was worried you had suddenly run out of watches, as it has been nearly a week 😉

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